50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

A gift that introduces someone to a new passion is always a great idea.

Fifty is fine when you look 39. 50 is fabulous. Nifty at 50! Remember the days when 50 was thought to be over the hill? Not any more. Today, if you know a woman celebrating her 50th birthday, be ready to break out the fun. Because that’s what 50 is all about these days.

50th Birthday Gifts for Women

A birthday gift that introduces someone to a new passion is always a great gift. Sign her up for the Wine of the Month Club, so she can try 12 new wines this year. Is she feeling daring? Give her an experiential gift that gets her adrenaline going like a whitewater rafting trip or a hang-gliding adventure.

Birthday Gifts that Celebrate the Future

Turning 50 is a great time to look to the future and think about all the new things she wants to accomplish in her life. Would she like to learn a foreign language? Buy her a language set and help her realize that dream. Or maybe she’s always wanted to learn gourmet cooking, or to take an art class, or visit a faraway place. Use her 50th birthday to sign her up for those lessons or a getaway.

Whatever gift you choose to celebrate a 50th birthday, make it one that helps the birthday gal kick the next 50 years off to a roaring start.

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