70th Birthday Gifts for Women

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Tablets are great so she can keep in touch with grandkids via video chat.

Wow, that special woman in your life is turning 70! You’ll want to find a gift as wonderful as she is so check out these ideas for 70th birthday gifts for women.

Great Granny Gifts

Is she bursting with pride over her grandkids? Memory makers, digital frames, and photo collages – that you’ve already filled with pictures and mementos – make great gifts that she can display proudly around her home. Tablets are also great so she can keep in touch with kids, grandkids, and friends via video chat. If high-tech gadgets intimidate her, offer to show her how easy it is to stay connected.

Her Lifestyle

Consider the woman’s health and activity levels. If she’s in good shape and exercises regularly, perhaps a new workout outfit or activity monitor will get her heart racing with excitement. But if canes and walkers are her current mode of transportation, try giving her the latest novel by her favorite author or a gift card for a movie date to get her out of the house. A personalized deck of cards featuring pictures of her family or pets is great for women who love bridge and other card games.

Practically Perfect

Older people oftentimes don’t treat themselves to nice things that would make their everyday life a little more comfortable. Practical items – such as a personalized pill box, comfy rocking chair, cashmere throw, or cozy slippers – make great 70th birthday gifts for women. Gift cards for her hair or nail salon, or her favorite restaurant, are always appreciated.

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