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Birthday Balloons
Choose from an incredible selection of birthday balloons from all the top merchants.

Birthday balloons make every birthday special and can often be ordered and delivered on the same day. Choose from an extensive selection of colorful mylar birthday balloons in a variety of colors and price ranges. Check out the fun "air-rangements" from 1-800-Flowers or see all creative birthday balloon ideas.
Same-Day Delivery
Are you looking for a great last minute birthday gift? Birthday balloons are fast, festive and a perfect addition to the joyful occasion. In most cases they can be delivered the very same day you place your order. Order up to twelve balloons in multiple color combinations. Check delivery times and availability from 1-800-Flowers, GiftTree and other merchants.
Creative Mylar Balloons
Mylar balloons come in all shapes and sizes. Get creative with fun balloons in the shapes of animals, cars, musical instruments and much more. Whatever their passion or interest, there is probably a mylar balloon that fits perfectly. See over 100 results in colorful and creative balloons.
The Perfect Office Birthday Gift
Is someone at work keeping their birthday a secret? Or are they new to the office and a little to shy to tell anyone? Birthday balloons are a great office birthday gift and will add a dash of bright color to the lucky recipient's special day. Send a big bunch of balloons to let the whole office know when someone has a birthday.
Go Big - Hot Air Birthday Balloons
This isn't your standard birthday balloon. Imagine soaring high above in a beautiful hot air balloon. This is just one of many experiential gifts and they make great birthday gifts. Experiential gifts are only available in select locations so check our experiential gifts page for details.