Birthday Gifts & Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

The best birthday gifts are ones that come from the heart.

Birthdays are a big deal for all of us. There’s something about recognizing the day we came into the world that just feels important to do. In fact, birthdays are such a big deal that they’re the #1 reason people give a gift throughout the year. So whether dad is celebrating a milestone birthday or one in between, show him you love him with a great birthday gift.

Is Dad’s Birthday a Milestone?

If so, break out the vuvuzelas and make some noise! Regardless of the year, hitting one of the big markers is an achievement. Reward dad with an extra special gift. If he plays golf, get him some personalized tees, or golf covers. Does he like to sit in his chair and have a cold one while watching the game? Treat him to a beer membership that will deliver to his door (or favorite chair) a selection of some of the tastiest micro-brews being made.

Make it Personal

The best birthday gifts are ones that come from the heart. Take dad on a trip down memory lane by using photos to create a touching gift such as a memory book, photo mug or photo-to-canvas wall hanging. Write dad a note and have it professionally made into frameable art he can place anywhere in the house.

Recognize dad with a birthday gift this year that will show him you’re his biggest fan.

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