A Horoscope Gift Guide
Don't trust your own gifting instincts? Look to the stars. Astrological signs are more telling than you might think. Just by knowing a birth date, you can predict favorite colors, fashion obsessions, hobbies and more. We consulted with Constance Stellas, astrologer and author of The Astrology Gift Guide, to bring you a sign-by-sign birthday gift forecast.
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March 21–Apr 19
Sign Stats: Impulsive and fun-loving, expect fearless Aries to be the leader of the pack.
Weekend Plans: A fast-paced fleeting activity like bar hopping will satisfy their short attention span.
In Aries' Closet: Brightly colored sporty and casual styles and lots of baseball caps. You won’t find any tuxes or ball gowns here.
Guilty Pleasure: Anything that says Aries is "#1."
Celebration Style: The bigger the better, and Aries won’t be shy about telling everyone whose birthday it is.
Famous Examples: Robert Downey Jr., Emma Watson, James Franco, Keira Knightley, and Kristen Stewart.
Gift Forecast: Give Aries a gift that will inspire them to try something new or appeal to their daring side like skydiving or race car driving. They're natural entrepreneurs so a gift that helps advance their business will be well-received too. And endlessly energetic Aries would be happy with sports gear or tickets to a game.
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Apr 20–May 20
Sign Stats: Reliable and practical, Taureans have a back-to-basics simplistic attitude and like to live comfortably.
Weekend Plans: Spending the day outdoors or shopping for designer clothing and accessories.
In Taurus' Closet: Stylish clothing in luxurious fabrics and fine jewelry.
Guilty Pleasure: Taureans appreciate the good life like lavish trips and expensive dinners.
Celebration Style: They'll have it planned for months, gathering the gang at a cozy lounge spot.
Famous Examples: Channing Tatum, Lena Dunham, Robert Pattinson, Christina Hendricks, Jessica Alba and George Clooney.
Gift Forecast: Taureans are nature lovers so any outdoorsy gift will do. They are also big music lovers! They're money-savvy and drawn to banks, money clips, wallets and shares of stock. They also like to divulge in the finer things in life - designer clothing, luxurious accessories, and fine jewelry.
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May 21–June 20
Sign Stats: Talkative and witty, Geminis crave knowledge and exude an energetic life-of-the-party attitude.
Weekend Plans: Reading a stack of magazines and chatting about them with a friend.
In Gemini' Closet: Lots of easy wash-and-wear clothing to fit every occasion and situation with an equal number of handbags.
Can't Get Enough of: Information and communication. Expect Geminis to carry their Blackberry, cell phone and a notebook at all times.
Celebration Style: A couple of outdoor parties with lots of activities: one big bash with a second smaller gathering for close friends or family.
Famous Examples: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Mark Wahlberg.
Gift Forecast: Give Geminis anything that helps them communicate or sparks their imagination. They love variety so you may want to give a bunch of little gifts rather than one big one. And since Geminis are always flitting from one idea to the next, they'd benefit from a mind-focusing activity like yoga or a puzzle.
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June 21–July 22
Sign Stats: Nurturing and nostalgic, Cancers value tradition and keep family close to their hearts.
Weekend Plans: Whipping up a down-home dinner or grilling cheeseburgers for relatives.
At Home Aura: Cozy and homey, filled with antiques, family heirlooms and personal mementos.
Guilty Pleasure: Comfort foods like mac 'n cheese, pancakes and apple pie.
Celebration Style: A small gathering at home with close friends and family and lots of picture taking.
Famous Examples: Jessica Simpson, John Cusack, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks.
Gift Forecast: Cancers are very sentimental so give them something that has personal meaning like a frame with a photo of your choice or a scrapbook with mementos of times you've shared. You can also appeal to their domestic side with a gift that helps them improve or enjoy their home.
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July 23–Aug 22
Sign Stats: Drama kings and queens, Leos love being the center of attention, but they're also generous, warm-hearted, and above all, passionate.
Weekend Plans: Playing a game, winning and getting a round of applause from everyone involved.
In Leos' Closet: Brand names, big bags (the bigger the better) and animal prints.
Guilty Pleasure: Poker nights and casinos.
Celebration Style: A larger-than-life outdoor fete with all eyes on Leo, who will don a tiara or crown, of course.
Famous Examples: Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Robert De Niro.
Gift Forecast: Leos love being treated like royalty and lavished with all things extravagant, big and attention-grabbing like oversized logo bags, fine jewelry and bold prints. You can also cater to Leo's playful side by giving the hottest new board or backyard game or a special deck of cards.
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Aug 23–Sept 22
Sign Stats: Detailed and focused, Virgos are on a perpetual quest for perfection and knowledge.
Weekend Plans: Reading a book, taking a pet for a walk and arranging next week's social calendar.
In Virgo' Closet: Classic tailored looks paired with more colorful accessories.
At Home Aura: Super organized and efficient.
Celebration Style: A neat and organized affair with well-thought-out centerpieces, décor and cocktails.
Famous Examples: Cameron Diaz, Lance Armstrong, Beyonce Knowles, Adam Sandler.
Gift Forecast: For Virgos, the more practical the gift, the better. They like items they can put to use right away like a date book to organize their life or an electronic multi-language dictionary. Virgos are usually disciplined about their health too, and enjoy gifts that keep them in tip-top shape.
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Sept 23–Oct 22
Sign Stats: The sign of harmony and partnership, Libras are social, strive for balance and often have a couple of artistic talents up their sleeve.
Guilty Pleasure: Jewelry-rings and cuff links for men and any kind, all the time for women.
Can't Get Enough of: Musical instruments, concerts and downloading the latest tracks.
Guilty Pleasure: Libras appreciate the good life like gourmet dining and Egyptian cotton bedding.
Celebration Style: Libras jump at the chance to get their entire social circle together for a celebration.
Famous Examples: Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith, Gwen Stefani, Bruce Springsteen.
Gift Forecast: Libras won't care if a gift is expensive, but you should choose something well-designed or beautiful. They'll also love experiences that they can share with you or another friend like a wine tasting class or a pair of concert tickets. And you'll win extra points if you have a heartfelt reason behind your gift.
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Oct 23–Nov 21
Sign Stats: Mysterious and curious, Scorpios are born detectives but keep much of their own life private. Dig beneath their surface and you'll find intensity, passion and power.
In Scorpio's Closet: A sea of dark clothing; ladies will likely have a secret stash of sexy lingerie.
At Home Aura: Functional and uncluttered with crystal accents.
Can't Get Enough of: Anything that creates an air of mystery: big sunglasses, a sultry fragrance or a locked box.
Celebration Style: Because they're private, Scorpios won't make a big deal out of their birthday, but will expect everyone to remember it.
Famous Examples: Julia Roberts, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Winona Ryder.
Gift Forecast: When they're not keeping secrets, Scorpios like to uncover them. They'll love anything that helps their detective skills like binoculars, a spy novel, or a scavenger hunt. If you know Scorpio romantically, dare to give a seductive gift. Or pamper them with a massage or a beautifully-scented bath set.
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Nov 22–Dec 21
Sign Stats: Impulsive, philosophical and inherently optimistic, Sagittarians are always on the move and always thinking.
Weekend Plans: A spur-of-the-moment hiking trip or a pick-up game of basketball.
Can't Get Enough of: Outdoor gear for sports, camping or lounging.
Guilty Pleasure: Jokes and pranks.
Celebration Style: A surprise theme party with lots of activities.
Famous Examples: Britney Spears, Jon Stewart, Tyra Banks, Brad Pitt.
Gift Forecast: Active Sagittarians like adventures. So chip in for an experiential gift like a hot air balloon ride, sports equipment or anything to make traveling on the fly easier. Or stimulate their mind with a philosophy book or a spiritual yoga class. And since this sign is half horse, try equestrian lessons or a day at the races.
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Dec 22–Jan 19
Sign Stats: Ambitious and reliable, Capricorns always try to get to the top, and with their conscientious and patient nature, they'll probably make it.
Weekend Plans: Planning their next conquest during a long run.
At Home Aura: Filled with photos of the entire family line.
Can't Get Enough of: Fine art, ceramics, clocks and watches.
Celebration Style: A dinner party with family and friends where you can expect Capricorn to sit at the head of the table.
Famous Examples: Kate Moss, Tiger Woods, Dolly Parton, David Bowie.
Gift Forecast: A desk set or a restored family photo is an obvious win, but you can also delight a Capricorn with a gift that's the exact opposite of their image. Pick something that they'd consider too indulgent to buy for themselves like sexy lingerie or a spa day. And since they often neglect their creative side, a craft kit might help inspire their next "big idea."
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Jan 20–Feb 18
Sign Stats: Eccentric and individualistic, Aquarians have a knack for seeing new uses for old things and are surprisingly socially conscious.
Weekend Plans: An impromptu trip like a weekend of whitewater rafting or skiing in the mountains.
In Aquarius' Closet: Quirky clothing, vintage pieces and unexpected combinations.
Can't Get Enough of: Electronic gadgets and all things unique and unusual.

Celebration Style: An Aquarian might have a big bash with all of their friends one year, but host a tiny celebration the next.
Famous Examples: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kerry Washington, Christian Bale, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, and Isla Fisher.
Gift Forecast: If you pay attention to nothing else, make sure your gift is unique or unusual in some way. Since Aquarians love both technology and travel, you can win big points with a gadget that they can use on a trip. You could also give a donation in their name or a gift that gives a portion of their proceeds to a good cause.
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Feb 19–March 20
Sign Stats: Sensitive and artistic, Pisces have wild imaginations and an interest in fantasy.
Weekend Plans: A relaxing retreat to replenish energy whether it's at a spa, a golf course or a bar.
Guilty Pleasure: Pampering their feet with new shoes, foot massages and pedicures.
Can't Get Enough of: All things aqua—aquariums, boats, sports like surfing or scuba diving and even tropical plants.
Celebration Style: A quiet party celebrated on the exact day.
Famous Examples: Drew Barrymore, Jon Bon Jovi, Jessica Biel, Bruce Willis.
Gift Forecast: Offer the Pisces a total escape with a day at the spa or the latest fantasy novel or video game. You can also support their creative side with a music, poetry, dance or photography-themed gift. And of course, you can't go wrong with a new fish for their tank or water sports equipment.
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