Birthday Gifts for Teenage Boys & Teen Guys

Don’t focus on who’s in and what’s out in the teen universe.

Don’t let the fact that you’re buying a gift for a teenager throw you off your gifting game. Even though you may not be aware of what’s in and what’s epically uncool in the pop culture world of a teen, it’s still possible to select a birthday gift that won’t be shoved under the bed with the “loser” gifts of birthdays past.

Tap into your knowledge of what hobbies the teenage boy has. Does the guy play sports? Perhaps he’s a diehard fan of a certain pro player. Getting him a birthday gift like an authentic professional jersey or a phone case of his favorite team will be a winning idea. Is the birthday boy more the techy-type? If so, gift him a collection of fun super-hero USB drives. For the amateur DJ, help him refine his mixing skills with a cool music mixer (they’re cheaper than you think) or professional headphones just like the big-time DJs wear.

It may be a little scary to venture into the world of a teen; after all, no one wants to give what is perceived as a lame gift. However, if you focus more on the likes and dislikes of who you’re buying for, and less on who’s in and what’s out in the teen universe, chances are you can make even the toughest-to-buy-for teen boy smile on his birthday.

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