Boyfriend Gifts for Teens

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Grabbing right back!
Avoid the terrible toos – as in too much, too soon, too cute.

Does your heart skip a beat every time you receive a text from him? Do you FaceTime with him before saying good night? Is he truly your Romeo and you’re his Juliet? Whether it’s his birthday or “just because,” you’re on the hunt for a special gift for your special guy. And unless you’re on a reality TV show, you’re probably looking for a gift that won’t eat up your entire paycheck. Check out these great inexpensive boyfriend gifts that will show him how much you care, and still leave you enough to buy those cute shoes you’ve had your eye on.

The best boyfriend gifts are going to be those that he would buy for himself, so think about his interests and future plans (and yes, hopefully they include you.) Sports fans will enjoy a new sweater or jersey with his favorite team’s logo. The latest headphones or Bluetooth speakers will be a hit with music buffs. A clever T-shirt or hat, the latest videogame, a vintage comic book, or an eco-friendly, manly bracelet are all great boyfriend gifts.

Helpful Hints

Avoid the terrible toos – as in too much, too soon, too cute. Since you’re both in your teens, it’s probably best to not give a gift that is too serious, too expensive, or too cute, even if you are already naming your future kids in your head. Steer away from costly jewelry, especially rings that scream commitment, or a too-fancy watch that costs a fortune. Giving a gift that’s way out of your budget can make him feel uncomfortable and lead to an awkward moment. And just keep walking past that oh-so-cute teddy bear with the polka-dot bow tie, it’ll be a perfect gift for a six-year-old. If your guy is a wannabe comedian, he may appreciate a funny- or gross-looking stuffed animal or action figure, one that’ll make him LOL.

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