Business And Executive Gifts

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Grabbing right back!
A charitable donation is a great business gift - any and every time.

Has someone in your life just received a promotion? Or maybe you have a present to buy for a new client to whom you want to make a great impression. Perhaps you want to recognize an employee on your team who’s doing an outstanding job. Selecting the right business gift is an important decision that needs to accomplish many goals.

Business Gift-Giving Protocol

Before purchasing any business gift, be sure to check with your company’s policies on gift giving as well as the recipient’s for the acceptance of executive gifts. Many companies have strict guidelines on gifting including a dollar value threshold under which they must be kept.

How do you decide what the appropriate business gift is? First, take into consideration the relationship. Buying an executive gift congratulating a friend for moving into the corner office, is a much different situation than buying for a client or personal assistant. An executive gift that is too expensive could be misconstrued as currying favor with a client. Also it’s important to stay away from items that are too-personal when buying for those who report to you.

Make a Charitable Donation

A charitable donation is a great business gift regardless of your relationship to the giftee. If you know of a cause that is close to the recipient’s heart, consider making a donation in his/her name to an organization that works in that area.

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