Farewell Gifts

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A scrapbook with mementos is sure to make that special someone wispy-eyed.

So long! Farewell! Good riddance! (We kid.) It’s time to say good-bye to a friend, co-worker, or relative and the send-off should be memorable. Whether that special someone is going off to college, has taken a different job, or gotten married and is moving to a different state, you’ll want to find just the right farewell gift. That’s where we come in, with a bunch of ideas that will have the guest of honor missing you already.

Group Gifts

If a friend at work is leaving for new opportunities, or perhaps retiring, or a happy couple is riding off into the sunset, why not organize a get-together so everyone can gather to wish them well? Think of the person’s interests or new ventures, and theme it accordingly. Is the lucky duck moving to Hawaii? Host a tropical luau-themed party and ask everyone to wear a wild Hawaiian shirt. Framing a group photo or putting together a scrapbook filled with pictures and mementos of your time together is sure to make that special someone wispy-eyed.

Favorite Farewell Gifts

Create a care package – you can fill it with things to acclimate them to their new location, like scarves and boots and hot chocolate if they’re moving somewhere cold, plus a guidebook about their new digs. Or, you can create a sentimental care package chockfull of things they’re going to miss about their current home – their favorite local (nonperishable) food, photos of their home, street signs, and hangouts, and a CD of memorable music and maybe even audio reminiscings of happy times together, or embarrassing stories they’d rather forget!

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