Best Gifts for Dad

Consider what dad’s interests and hobbies are.

He built you a treehouse, taught you how to throw a curve ball, and ride a bike. He taught you how to drive a stick shift, have a firm handshake and grill a mean steak. Now it’s time to give dad a gift for all the many things he’s done for you.

Great Gifts for Pops

First think about the things dad likes to do. Is he a techy or maybe even a Trekkie? Everybody loves getting a gift that supports their passion so consider what dad’s interests and hobbies are. Would he like a gift he could use every Sunday while watching his favorite team? Maybe a team jersey or a piece of sports memorabilia that he could proudly display.

The Great Outdoors

If dad likes to fish, golf, hike or any other outdoor activity, embrace his love of nature. Consider fly fishing courses, new golf club covers, or a waterproof GPS so dad can always find his way home after getting one with nature.

Chillin’ and Grillin’

If dad is master of the grill, get him a gift that takes his grilling expertise to the next level. Maybe a personalized tool set, apron or a collection of BBQ sauces that he can experiment with.

Dad would probably be happy with just a card and a phone call, but why not give him a gift that thanks him for all the wonderful things he’s done for you and shows him how much you love him.

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