Personalized Gifts

Personalize a gift by using a photo.

The best gifts are the ones that feel the most personal. They reflect in some way an element of the recipient’s personality. Their likes, quirks, interests. That’s why personalized gifts are always so popular. They reflect the person and their life.

Personalized Initials and Monograms

One of the best ways to personalize a gift is to use someone’s initials. The practice of marking items with initials dates back centuries—all the way to Greek and Roman rulers. And royalty have been using monograms to mark property throughout history. Initials can be used to personalize so many gifts; consider bath robes, hand towels, candles, key chains, throws for the couch or bed. The list is endless.

The Power of a Photo

Create a personalized gift by using a photo of a special place or person. Photos can be added to picture frames, made into coasters, throw pillows and wall art. A picture may tell a thousand words and it can also be made into a thousand gifts.

Personalized Jewelry

Bracelets, rings, watches, necklaces…jewelry has long been a favorite for personalization. Whether the piece features initials or has a message inscribed on it, it’s a wonderful way to create a unique gift.

When choosing a gift for any occasion, consider personalization. It’s the added touch that turns every gift into an extraordinary one.

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