Business & Corporate Gifts

Is your business gift list staring you down like an unrelenting deadline? Turns out you're not alone. According to one survey, shoppers rated the difficulty of choosing a gift for their boss or clients second only to finding one for their mother-in-law. So our Gift Gurus have done the work for you to find the ultimate business and corporate gifts to impress clients and coworkers.

Gifts for clients, customers and partners
Whether you're buying for the entire company or simply a single client, think of your gift as an opportunity to express your gratitude for a year of hard work and support. And because this gift is still a business transaction of sorts, it's also your chance to make a lasting and distinctive impression about you and your corporation.

Business gifts to share
If you want to show a whole company or team how much you appreciate them, but don't have the budget to send something special to each individual, our Gift Gurus have three words for you: corporate gift baskets. They're easy to share and if you choose the right one, it'll be a big hit at the office. So make sure yours stands out! While a business gift that's meant to be shared should have broad appeal, it shouldn't be generic so we've narrowed down the search for you.
Wine Gift Baskets
Choose one from a region in which you do business or a basket filled with bottles of both red and white varietals to please every taste.
Gourmet Food Gift Baskets
You can't go wrong with fruit or chocolate, but consider a more unique assortment of delicacies from around the world.
Coffee & Tea Gift Baskets
Whether it's a selection of organic teas or exotic brews, every office can appreciate an afternoon pick-me-up.
And finally, you may need to do some bulk buying for your corporate team, check out the discount programs our merchants have put together for purchases of larger quantities.
Gifts for individuals
If you only work with one person at a company or have a special relationship with one client, you can be a bit more creative and personal with your gift. But if you're buying a large quantity of the same gift for individuals at several different companies, the gift should still have broad appeal.
Gift Cards
Universally pleasing, yet individuals can redeem for whatever they like such as music downloads, tickets or dining out.
Gadget Gifts
The hottest little gadget or a funky USB storage drive will be a sure winner.
Sports Gifts
If you take clients to watch or play sports, give paraphernalia from the local favorite team or a golf shirt.
GIFT GURU TIP: Send gifts embellished with your logo for marketing campaigns and trade shows. This is an opportunity to show how much you appreciate a client's loyalty and hard work. So your gift should represent what the business relationship means to you. If you like personalized gifts, they're a great way to remind clients of how unique and thoughtful you are all year round, but buy a gift with their name on it (not yours)!

Gifts for coworkers
When it comes to gifts for the people you work with, we've heard it all from the embarrassing (Tupperware) to the extraordinary (private jet and weekend getaway). Your coworkers and staff are your company's greatest asset, so gift accordingly.

Whether you're buying for a colleague on your team, your assistant or a secret Santa, the process for finding a unique and thoughtful gift is the same. Make a short list of what you know about each person's favorite pastimes and think about where they go on vacation, what restaurants they like, movies they see, books they read. Then to level the playing field, choose a theme and shop by the individual's personality for gifts that follow it. This approach shows each coworker that you took the time to consider who they are so you won't be accused of playing favorites.
If you need a theme idea, try books (a cookbook by someone's favorite chef, a biography of a favorite athlete, a travel book for their next trip), picture frames (a multiple picture frame for the mom of four, a traditional silver frame for the newlywed, a modern, frameless version for the artsy type) or fun office accessories (a wireless weather station for the traveler, a fancy crystal pen for the fashionista, a golf ball paperweight for the golfer).
Personalized gifts are always extra special if you plan ahead and stationery pieces can be particularly useful as long as you remember the important caveat that they're not just for use at the office—think leather folios, journals or sketchbooks, in colors and styles thoughtfully matched to the recipient's tastes.
GIFT GURU TIP: While getting a little personal is acceptable for coworkers, avoid anything too expensive, too intimate or too unique. Before you buy, ask yourself: Could you see this gift on display in the office? Would your boss, the CEO or HR be comfortable with you giving this gift?

Gifts for your boss
When it comes to gifts for the people you work with, we've heard it all from the embarrassing (Tupperware) to the extraordinary (private jet and weekend getaway). Your coworkers and staff are your company's greatest asset, so gift accordingly.

How long you've worked together, how closely you work and how well you know each other on a personal level should play into your gift-giving decision. But regardless of these factors, the bottom line is to ensure it's of good quality without being lavish or extravagant. Let your thoughtfulness, style and attention to detail be the thing that stands out, not an eyebrow-raising price tag, out-there idea or too-personal inspiration. A personalized gift or a gift basket are both great choices.
When shopping, ask yourself the same questions about your boss as you did your coworkers. Make a quick list of what you know about his or her personality or lifestyle, and then shop based on what you know. This is one instance in business where style trumps substance. Look for good quality (and this doesn't have to mean outrageously expensive), impeccable packaging (consider having it professionally wrapped) and, without question, a handwritten note (it doesn't have to be long, but it should be handwritten).
GIFT GURU TIP: Don't want to risk looking like you're trying to win brownie points or put the spotlight on yourself instead of the gift? Take the safe route and do the group thing—chip in with a few other employees on a single idea.