Shopping for the perfect toy this holiday? We know the search can be overwhelming so the Gift Gurus did the hard work for you—we narrowed down the selection from the best stores on the Web to bring you our top ten toys for every age group from babies to tweens. Our holiday shopping list is filled with toys that are active, educational, creative, safe and above all, fun!
Top Toys for Babies (0-11 months old)
Playskool Rocktivity Sit, Crawl and Stand Band Activity
Watch baby dance, jam and create new tunes with the SIT, CRAWL 'N STAND BAND toy. This rockin' toy features more than 45 tunes, sounds and activities, including some tunes you already know and love! See baby learn how different activities add instruments and sound effects to the music. With three stages of play, you'll find endless opportunities for fun and learning.
Top Toys for Toddlers (1-3 years)
Symphony in B. Orchestra
Your toddler will love exploring the sounds of orchestral instruments with this symphony in b orchestra toy. Colorful activity center introduces your little one to a variety of woodwind, brass, and string instruments with adjustable volume for your convenience.
Top Toys for Pre-schoolers (3-5 years)
Master Moves Mickey
Preschoolers love to play pretend and anything that’s interactive. What better way to get their imaginations going with Master Moves Mickey. Mickey dances to a funky beat as he combines over fifteen different dance moves into his own original dance combinations. Perfect your moves with Mickey as he shows off his insane handstand and then pops right into a 360! Press his nose to hear original tracks and funky beats.
Top Toys for Grade-schoolers (6-9 years)
Kids will be wowed once again by the adorable creature with the distinctive personality.How you treat your furby will shape its personality!When you first meet your furby, it will speak mostly furbish. But the more you play with furby, the more english it will speak. It responds to your touch, your music, and even to other furbys.
Top Toys for Tweens (10-12 years)
Blingles Design Studio
Gives you everything you need to "bling", sparkle and shine your accessories! An all-in-one station with more than 300 gems, the Blingles Bling Studio comes with a gem pen, transfer slides, and a glue roll, so that you can make your own designs or use the pre-set patterns to decorate and personalize up to 10 designs.
Top Toys for Teens
Appfinity Appdrive
As kids grow into teens, their interests begin to expand beyond the wacky world of toys. But even the most jaded teen can’t resist the Appfinity Appdrive wheel allows gamers to take the app gaming to a more realistic next level of excitement. The Appdrive is designed to give an all-in-one driving experience with four console designed buttons. It’s high-energy fun for ages 8 and up and well past adolescence.


Toy safety is at the top of our minds at We want to make sure you wrap up only the safest gifts this holiday. So we teamed up with Adrienne Citrin of the Toy Industry Association to create a toy safety shopping checklist.


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