Christmas Gifts for Young Women - Top Picks

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Grabbing right back!
Girly gifts can still be fun but with a new twist.

Gone are the days of dolls, playhouses and bake ovens for Christmas presents. The little girl has grown into a young woman which requires a new way of thinking about her Christmas gift. Girly gifts can still be fun but with a new twist. For past Christmases, you may have bought her glitter or glow-in-the dark nail polish. This year, buy a set of sophisticated colors to go with her young adult wardrobe.

Is the young woman in college or about to head off next year? Gifts she can use at school such as a stylish tote or a cashmere scarf to wear in drafty classrooms are great for Christmas. As is a pair of noise reduction headphones which can be worn while studying to help block out dorm room distractions.

If the young woman has moved into her first apartment (and away from mom’s cooking) help her learn some go-to meals by gifting her this Christmas with some fun cookbooks and easy-to-use kitchen gadgets.

Young women who enjoy working out may now have a time crunch due to new job responsibilities. Help her maintain her healthy lifestyle with a set of workout DVDs or at-home fitness equipment. The Christmas and New Year holidays are a great time to make workout resolutions and a Christmas gift that encourages fitness would be appreciated.

Have fun shopping this holiday for the young adult. The girl may have grown up and the gifts may have changed but nothing delights like opening a great Christmas gift regardless of age.

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