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Advice for Giving Gadgets

Tablets are a great gift and you should give a few accessories to make it even greater, and there's also one accessory it's good to avoid.

First, a good cover will be appreciated by the recipient. The tablet display has become crystal clear and a cover will prevent scratches. Depending on the recipient's style, you can get the basic, magnetically attached cover, or a leather cover. If the tablet's for a child, the cover will protect the tablet display from shattering when dropped.

Second, avoid screen protectors if the recipient plays games or watches movies. They make the display look muddy. If the user has to take it off and re-apply the protector, air bubbles could get trapped and that will also ruin the display's appearance.

Third, give a stylus to keep the display clear. A stylus prevents the oil on your fingers from smudging the screen. They also have better accuracy for clicking buttons and sliders. Many people have "fat fingers" and they click something they don't mean to.

Fourth, you can always get a cleaning cloth. These are usually microfiber blends that easily clear oil, dust and other gunk on the tablet.

There's a noticeable difference between e-Readers and tablets. The main difference is the media you can read on each device.

e-Readers are made for reading books, newspapers and, in some cases, magazines. e-Readers are best with a lot of black-and-white text. They also do well when reading in bright light, like at the beach. You may like how lightweight the devices are, too. However, you can't watch movies and TV shows on them. It's only for print.

Tablets allow for more media options, like movies. Since they have full-color displays, magazines and comic books look great on them and the interaction adds something extra to the experience. However, reading text isn't the best experience because the same full-color display has a lot of glare. It's not the best device to take to the beach.

If you have to decide, think about how the recipient will use it. If they just want to read a book, go with an e-Reader like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Barnes & Noble Nook. If they want to watch movies and TV shows, try a tablet like an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy.