Arrive bearing gifts that show your party appreciation.

Top Categories for Host & Hostess Gifts

More Gift Ideas for Hosts

  • When to Give a Hostess Gift

    Not every occasion requires a gift for the host or hostess.

    You don't need to bring a gift for these occasions:

    Formal dinner parties

    You are the guest of honor (a thank you card is a nice touch for the host)

    There's another guest of honor (bring the gift for the honoree)

    When do you bring a gift? Casual parties.

    What makes an ideal gift? It depends on how well you know the guest and the occasion. For casual dinner parties, don't bring food or wine. These items have already been selected.

    These host or hostess gifts are a top pick:

    Imported olive oils

    Jams and jellies

    Guest hand towels

    Picture frames

    Cloth table napkins

  • What to Give a Male Dinner Party Host

    What's a good gift for a male host? Many people think men don't need host gifts, but that's not true. It's always a good idea to get him something, even if it's your time.

    There tends to be less formality around host gifts for men. A few things do remain true about men: They like liquor and information.

    A good bottle of whiskey, vodka, tequila or rum is always welcome. Microbrews are also good choices.

    When it comes to information, consider giving a globe, framed map or a gadget of some kind.

    Men will also appreciate your time. It could be a simple has helping him clean up after the party, or taking him to a game.