In January, everyone vows to diet, workout and get organized, but why not resolve to do something different? This year, we challenge you to be a better gift giver! You'll bring more joy to your friends' and family members' lives, reduce your own stress and save money all at the same time. Follow these ten mantras of the Gift Gurus, and you'll soon have a reputation for giving great gifts.


I will not wait until the last minute to start shopping.
Your sister's birthday is tomorrow and you haven't started shopping yet. Your stress level skyrockets and you end up buying something impersonal and overpriced. We've all been there, but there is a way to solve your procrastination problem. Plan ahead by using's Reminders to keep track of birthdays and other important occasions. The Gift Gurus fill each reminder with clever and unexpected gift ideas-personalized for family and friends and delivered straight to your inbox so you aren't scrambling at the last minute.


I promise to give gift giving some thought (or at least make it look like I did).
All you need to do is to pay attention to your friends' and family members' interests and tastes. Is he always on the golf course? Does she enjoy entertaining with great food and wine? Is she your source for the latest fashion trends? Does he plan his life around sports schedules? Think of these facts as simple clues to jumpstart your gift search. If you want a little more guidance, take these clues to the next level—try our Personality Profiler. Answer a few easy questions about the recipient, and the Gift Gurus will try to peg his or her personality along with hundreds of great gift ideas to match.


I will not blow my shopping budget.
Whether you're buying one Valentine's Day gift or a whole list of Christmas gifts, you should set a reasonable budget for each person on your list before you even think of touching your credit card. And remember, the best gifts aren't always the most expensive. If you make a commitment to watch for deals, start your shopping early and think realistically about what's available in your price range, you can give great gifts without a great big debt.


I promise to keep a running list of gift ideas for everyone on my list.
It happens to everyone. You're out shopping for yourself in June and you see something that would be perfect for your mother. But you never write it down, and when Christmas rolls around you can't remember your brilliant idea. Stop forgetting and start using My Gift Box. It allows you to keep a list of the people you buy gifts for along with their personality and interests. When you see something online your mom would like, you can save it to her profile, and when the occasion arises, you don't have to give her gift a second thought!


I will not repeat gifts and themes year after year.
Sure if it works one year, it'll probably work the next. But when gifts become predictable, they become boring. Your dad can't possibly need a polo shirt in every color and no matter how much your sister likes chick lit, she doesn't need a whole library filled with it. To find fresh ideas, browse, read our blog and think outside of last year's gift box!


I promise to be creative and add a personal touch.
Customizing a gift with a monogram or name is an easy way to make a gift special. Browse our personalized gifts for a bunch of ideas. But if you're not afraid to be a little DIY, you can add your own personal touch—pre-load photos on a digital frame or create a play list on an MP3 player. If it's a unique gift that you're after, give the gift of an experience. It'll surprise your recipient and create a lasting memory without collecting dust on a shelf. You could choose an activity to share like tickets to a show, a wine tasting class or a hot air balloon ride. Or you could choose one based on his personality like race car driving lessons for the adrenaline junky.


I will not buy other people something that I want.
No matter what you do, resist the urge! You may think you're being sneaky, but if you give someone else the cool new gadget you want or tickets to see your favorite band, your recipient will see right through your hidden agenda!


I promise to keep a few gifts on hand for emergencies.
If your social calendar is typically full, keep several gifts on hand to give in a pinch. You never know when you'll need a hostess gift for an impromptu get-together or a toy for a birthday party your child told you about at the last minute. Stock your stash with universal gifts-beautiful aromatic candles, cashmere scarves, picture frames, games, books and wine. Even better, pre-wrap them so they're easy to grab and go. But don't forget to jot down what's inside each package! Keep some cards around too-you should always include a personal note relating the gift to the recipient. She'll never know you grabbed it from your stash, and you'll never arrive empty-handed.


I will not give a gift that looks like a 3-year-old wrapped it.
There's something to be said for presentation and first impressions. If you spend a few extra minutes wrapping your gift properly instead of making a frantic mess of paper and tape, your recipient will be more inclined to like the gift before seeing what's inside. Choose a pretty paper, fold and tape it carefully, attach a bow or other embellishment and don't forget to finish it off with a card. Even if you're not crafty enough to have a wrapping station set up at your home, you can easily store a few rolls of paper, coordinating ribbon and a couple gift bags.


I promise to make shopping easier for everyone on my list.
Make a wish list and share it with your friends and family. Don't worry—it's not greedy, you're actually lending a helping hand! And when you share your wish list, encourage everyone to create and share theirs with you too! You can even help your kids create wish lists. Soon gift giving will be stress-free, fun and as simple as a few clicks!