Celebrate your Super Star Dad

Your dad may have never been on TV or walked the red carpet, but there’s no question he’s a leading man in your life. Is he an affable, approachable nice guy like Tom Hanks? Maybe he likes to debate current events around the dinner table like Jon Stewart. No matter which A-Lister is most like your dad, this Father’s Day, celebrate the dad star who burns brightest in your life with a super gift.
If your dad is like
Hugh Jackman
He may be getting older, but he’ll always be young at heart. Whether he's rooting for his teams, playing video games or throwing something on the grill, his kid-to-the-core attitude is one of his most endearing qualities. Fun, quirky and simple gifts never get old and are right up his alley.
If your dad is like
Tom Hanks
Your dad does it all! He feels just as comfortable coaching sports teams as he does playing dolls with the little ones. Never without a new and fun story about the kids, his pride for his family is boundless. Gifts that show how much you appreciate him will go a long way to make his day.
If your dad is like
Sir Paul McCartney
If your dad is still a charmer after all these years, click on this personality type. Gifts that let him embrace his rockin' roots will be a huge hit.
If your dad is like
Jon Stewart
Your dad really knows his stuff. He's always up on current events, business and he never stops learning new things. This smarty-pants-of-a-dad loves gifts that will quench his thirst for knowledge.
If your dad is like
Anthony Bourdain
Whether he’s manning the grill or multi-tasking in the kitchen, a gift that appeals to his foodie sensibilities is perfect for your well-seasoned dad. He's always up for trying out a new recipe, restaurant or the latest culinary trend.
If your dad is like
Samuel L. Jackson
With this kind of dad, you know he has your back. He's not going to suffer fools gladly, but he also has one of the biggest, best laughs around.