Celebrate your Star Mom

Even if she's never won an Oscar or scored a number one hit, every mom is a star. Is she beautiful and glamorous like Halle Berry? Or is she more of an achiever like Michelle Obama? No matter which celebrity is most like your mom, this Mother's Day, it's time to celebrate her parenting performances with an A-list gift.
If your mom is like
Melissa McCarthy
She loves to have a good time and making people laugh is her specialty. Make her feel special this Mother's Day with a fun, clever gift that will make her giggle.
If your mom is like
Gwyneth Paltrow
Whether your mom has been running half marathons for years or starting her first yoga class, being fit is on her mind. Putting her kids first has always been the number one priority, but it's time she takes care of herself first. Give her something to inspire and let her know you support her health and well-being as much as she does yours.
If your mom is like
Michelle Obama
There's no question, your mom has a Type A Personality in both her professional and parenting styles. She flawlessly balances her working mom role with a smile. Choose a gift to applaud her ambition or give her a reason to stop and relax for once!
If your mom is like
Tina Fey
Your mom is smart and resourceful, and always knows the right things to say. Your clever mom appreciates geeky things and would love a gift that mirrors her fun, quirky personality.
If your mom is like
Halle Berry
For your mom, going glam isn't a look reserved for date night it's her everyday style. Whether she's shopping for matching designer outfits for her and the kids or planning the kids' party of the year, she spoils her kids as much as she spoils herself. Your gift should spoil her too!
If your mom is like
Jessica Lange
Your mom is adored by your kids and loves spoiling them! Even though she's done raising her own, she's still hoping to be the best grandma ever. This Mother's day, give her a gift that will help her celebrate her new title.