The Ultimate Flower Gift Guide

It's true. You really can't go wrong with flowers as the perfect gift. Beautiful, sensual and romantic, they're the perfect way to say "I love you" (or "I really, really like you"). But when you're choosing flowers, be sure to pay attention to the color. Each hue has a traditional meaning that can say a lot more than the card you include. So when you're selecting a bouquet, use this guide to figure out what is the best gift for that specific occasion.

Sure, it's the most obvious choice for romantic occasions like Valentine's Day, but you can't go wrong with a classic. Red represents beauty, courage and, of course, love and passion, making it the perfect flower color to heat up your relationship. Surprise your sweetheart with a dozen red roses (an oldie but a goodie) - or go with a bunch of ruby-colored gerbera daisies or carnations.
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While red is for passionate love, pink is for innocent love. Pretty, flirty and delicate, pink flowers symbolize grace, happiness and youth. So if your relationship is just blossoming come Valentine's Day, you can bet she'll be delighted by a gorgeous arrangement of pink mums, English roses or Asiatic lilies. Pink flowers also make perfect birthday bouquets for young girls.
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For centuries, purple has been known as a regal color, connoting dignity, pride and success. So pretty plum blossoms are an obvious choice when a friend gets a new job or any time congratulations are in order. But rumor has it that purple can also signify love at first sight, so send that special someone violets or purple roses when you want to show you care.
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Yellow is the color of sunshine, representing all that is joyful, happy and new. Which means a bunch of daffodils or sunflowers can just as easily cheer up someone who's down as tell your closest friend how much you appreciate him or her. You can also opt for a sunny-colored bouquet in lieu of (or in addition to) a get well card.
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Pristine and lovely, white flowers exude pure innocence. Whether elegant lily, cheerful daisy or exotic orchid, a pearly blossom is ideal for expressing both reverence and elegance. The color white is associated with religious occasions like weddings, christening and funerals. Honor these occasions with an exquisite white bouquet.
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Because the color green embodies nature, it epitomizes health, good fortune, optimism and renewal making it the perfect way to say "congrats" or wish someone good luck.
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