Gift Wrapping Tips & Ideas
As gurus, we're always on the hunt for the perfect gift, and when it comes time to wrap we want to hit the mark too. So, we reached for our trusty copy of "The Modern Girl's Guide to Life" for some fun gift wrapping ideas. These photos are from our actual trials and we think they came out great! Follow Jane Buckingham's effortless steps, like we did, and you'll have gifts as memorable on the outside as they are on the inside whether it's for your boyfriend, your best friend or your boss.

The Brown Paper Package

Wrap Step 1
Use brown paper from an office supply store as your base (for a guy's present, even grocery brown-bag paper can look chic if you fold it sharply on the creases). Measure your box, then place it top side up, making sure to fold the ends of the paper in at least a half inch to hide rough edges. Use double-sided tape for a clean, flawless look.
Wrap Step 2
Don't have ribbon? No problem. Just take a ball of cotton string or twine and wrap it around the box three times to create a cool pattern. Then find an ornament to slip under the twine. Clip a leaf or fresh flower from your garden, or attach a fun trinket that corresponds to the gift (for example, a cute olive fork if you're giving a friend a martini set).

The Gift Basket

Have a pretty basket you never really use? It makes the perfect gift vessel for bath, kitchen, and gourmet items (regifted utensils especially...since you likely won't have the original box).
Wrap Step 1
Fill your basket with gift items and sit it on a large square of clear or colored cellophane (three times the size of the basket's base). You can pick up cellophane at most party or gift stores.
Wrap Step 2
Pull the cellophane straight up over the edges of the basket, then give it a twist to the left and secure with a rubber band. Tie a ribbon around the cellophane, then clip the rubber band off. Trim the edges of the cellophane if necessary.

The Wax-Paper Present

I know—the only time you'd think to use wax paper is when you're baking. But the milky feeling of the paper gives your gift a sophisticated, Zen-like vibe.
Wrap Step 1
Simply wrap your box with wax paper, being careful to make sharp creases and fold under any zigzag edges. And avoid boxes that have writing on them. But don't be afraid to use a colorful or black box—it looks great peeking through the wax paper.
Wrap Step 2
To dress it up, add a strip of decorative gift paper. This technique is called the "cummerbund." (It's a great way to use any beautiful bits of paper you saved from past gifts.) Just make sure you fold the edges of the cummerbund under to achieve smooth edges. For an extra kick, tie a skinny ribbon through the top of the cummerbund, and top with a fresh-picked flower.