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Meet the Gurus Gift Gurus are real people. Whether it's Dana letting you know about the perfect present for your hard-to-gift girlfriend or Dan offering the greatest in guy gear, our Gift Gurus have scoured the best stores and experiences to hand select gifts for every personality and every occasion. From the latest trends to the one-of-a-kind scores, the Gurus have found it all to ensure your giftees get just what they want.
Dana is Editor in Chief at She has worked in buying & trend forecasting for more than 10 years and has an expert eye for finding the perfect gift, every time. Along with the other gurus, Dana is constantly sifting through literally millions of products to find the few most fabulous gifts. She loves helping make every occasion unique with her handy tips & special touches. She has appeared on Good Day New York, Fox & Friends, WPIX, and been interviewed by the New York Times, Associated Press, and Real Simple to name a few. Adventure travel and cooking keep her busy when she's off the clock. The greatest gift she ever received was her wedding ring.
As the Men's Gift Editor for, Dan is fortunate to be able to blend his work week with off-hour hobbies. Dan's background in retail marketing goes back well over a decade. But, he has always been passionate about the "guy" things like sports, electronics and grilling. Dan enjoys helping people feel as good giving gifts as they do getting them. The birth of his first daughter is a gift that can never be topped.
While Gillian oversees Merchandising & Content for, she focuses on Women & Home Gifts. Prior to, Gillian spent over a decade honing her gifting skills in the retail industry, most recently as a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue. Her favorite gift was a bottle of wine from her father, with a handwritten "toast" on the label. She is still waiting for the perfect occasion to drink it!
Michelle is the Teen and Beauty Gift Guru for Michelle’s background is in retail and visual merchandising management and she has been working at honing her gifting skills since moving to New York City five years ago. Michelle’s interests include traveling and social media, so expect her to be on Pinterest searching for the coolest new products to bring to Besides Pinning and Tweeting, she finds lots of inspiration in her teen cousins and what they love. Her favorite gifts she has received are her iPhone and a post-college graduation trip to Europe!
Liz is the children & baby gifts trend editor at Prior to she spent several years matching people with products while working retail. Liz also contributes to the weekly Gift Rap blog and loves to write about anything kid and baby related. Liz’s sister and niece and nephews give her the inside scoop on what kids (and Moms) really want. When merchandising for kids she is constantly on the lookout for things that will make every kid feel the way she did that Christmas morning. Liz loves to surprise her family and friends with unique gifts that always have a special meaning or sense of humor behind them. The best gift she ever received was a Barbie mansion at the age of 7.
Felicia graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BA in Fashion Merchandising Management. During her years in college she interned in fashion related offices and took the opportunity to absorb as much knowledge as she could. Once out of college she joined the team and became part of the family. With her love for animals she soon became gift guru for pets. She is always trying to find latest trends all year round for our beloved pets! From comfortable beds to the most fun toys that will make any pet and pet owner happy!