A Guy's Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts

Movies and TV make Valentine's Day look so simple for guys- get a card that "says it all", plunk down some cash for a new shiny something, cue soon-to-be rock-lite radio hit and the girl melts in our arms. But in reality, guys know things are a bit trickier than that. The key to a great Valentine's Day gift is to thread that emotional needle where the gift you choose expresses exactly how you feel about your relationship. So we've put together a little lesson on the do's and don'ts of Valentine's Day gift-giving.

Show her you're a sophisticated guy. Gourmet chocolates and baked goods can be a sweet Valentine's Day treat, provided you make the effort to find some unique, romantic and delicious goodies.
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Jewelry is often a great Valentine's Day option. Here are two tips. First, it's important to purchase jewelry appropriate for your relationship. Don't go overboard in a new relationship and don't go cheap if you've been together a while. And second, it's a bad idea to go into debt buying jewelry, unless you're putting "the" ring around her finger. Most times, a good way to go is to keep it elegant and tasteful. Here's are a few ideas:
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A gift of an experience you can both enjoy or even one you'll know she'd love to do by herself is a thoughtful and unique gift. "Gifts of Experience" vary from city to city, but activities such as a chocolate-making class, a vineyard picnic or even a Harley Davidson rental are gifts that show how well you know her and how clever you can be.
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If you'd like to purchase sexy under things, it's better to ease into the process with something focusing on comfort. These super-comfy options show you can think about her in bed without envisioning a scene from late night "B" movie.
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