It's Not Re-Gifted,


With the eco-friendly movement sweeping the nation, gifts made from recycled or "reclaimed" materials are popping up everywhere. Just because it comes from a landfill or factory floor doesn't mean it has to look like it. So the Gift Gurus did a little virtual dumpster diving in search of beautiful and just plain cool recycled gifts.
1. Eco-Entertaining
Help them throw an eco-fabulous fete with these elegant patio pieces. Unique Wine Glasses » Hip Coasters » Rustic Wood Bowls »
2. Sustainable Style
Spruce up your space with these reclaimed finds. Mini Terrariums » Recycled Vases »
3. Re-Fashioned
A few hip "reclaimed" accessories will make her instantly eco-chic. TOMS Shoes » Eco-Friendly Jewelry »
4. Dude-Cycling
Appeal to his manly and eco-sensitive side with these earth-friendly gifts. Gadget Sleeves » Sleek watches »
5. The Three R’s
Reduce, reuse, recycle? Instill the fundamentals at an early age with these fun recycled gifts for kids. Wood Animalz » Science Kits » Eco Arts & Crafts »