Getaway Gadgets

What do you get for the tech-obsessed travel enthusiast? A gadget geared toward his or her favorite destination, of course. From ear muff headphones for guys hitting the slopes to a waterproof camcorder for the girl who's planning her beach escape, we found gizmos worthy of precious suitcase space for every kind of vacation.

Caribbean Island

When you've got the sea, sand and an endless supply of Pi˝a Coladas, waterproof gadgets are a must.

European City

Help overseas travelers avoid foreign language fumbles, in-flight boredom and time zone confusion.

Ski Resort

When winter sports fans spend a day on the slopes, they want to stay both warm and connected.

Family Theme Park

Give parents the tools they need to capture every memory and sneak in a little peace and quiet.

Backcountry Cabin

When vacation equals action-packed days in the wilderness, choose gadgets for hiking and biking.