Baby Shower Gifts for Men

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Create a New Dad Survival Bag filled with emergency items for him and baby.

Coed baby showers are growing in popularity; after all, why shouldn’t the guys get in on the fun? It’s enjoyable for the women, too, as let’s face it, most females have had enough of the silly games like how many toilet paper squares is the expectant mom’s belly? You won’t hear any complaint from the blushing mom-to-be, that’s for sure. Having men at the shower brings a different kind of vibe, so be sure to consider everyone when planning the event.

Tips for Hosting a His-and-Hers Baby Shower

The invitations set the tone for the party, so make them guy-friendly. They don’t have to be all camo and dark, but avoid pink, frilly ones. Invite plenty of guys so the father-to-be is not the only man there. If you decide to play games, make them ones both sexes will enjoy. And don’t forget to include some macho food and drinks; just think about what guys like when watching the big game -- beer, nachos, chips and dips and veggies, and hot wings.

Funny Baby Shower Gifts for Men

If you’d like to give the dad-to-be something special, you can go funny and create a New Dad Survival Bag. Buy a masculine-looking diaper bag and fill it with emergency supplies for both him and the baby: a pacifier, camouflage blanket and beanie, a new dad manual, and snacks like beef jerky, power bars, and sports drinks. Or buy a humorous book for new dads, which impart parenting wisdom and funny diaper-changing anecdotes, or a T-shirt with a clever saying on it giving him confidence that he’s going to be a Superdad.

Mini Me

Guys love the idea that there will soon be a miniature version of them running around, so play on that idea with matching gifts. Give the dad a jersey with his favorite team’s logo on it in his size, and the exact same jersey miniaturized for the tiny tyke. Cute photo op coming up! If the baby’s going to be a girl, just make the jersey in a girly color like pink or purple. Or give matching shoes, hat, or T-shirts – anything mini is adorable and is sure to elicit “awws” from the crowd when the father-to-be holds it up for all to see. Matching, miniature dad-and-baby presents make great baby shower gifts for men.

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