Bridal Shower Gifts

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Before buying your bridal shower gift, consider what the shower theme is.

She caught the bouquet and is getting hitched! You’re thrilled for her, and want to honor the bride-to-be with a standout gift at her bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Before buying your bridal shower gift, consider what the theme of the shower is. We’ve listed five common themes with suggested bridal shower gift ideas.

Honeymoon Bridal Shower: If the bride and groom are paying for the honeymoon, giving them a gift certificate they can apply to dinner or a spa day is a thoughtful idea. Or go a little saucier and choose elegant lingerie or a silk nightie.

Couple’s Bridal Shower: Monogrammed matching robes, his & her coffee mugs, or champagne flutes with the couple’s initials.

Housewares Bridal Shower: Many brides have lived on their own and already have many of the day-to-day items. Consider a bridal shower gift she might not already have like a cappuccino machine or pasta maker.

Linens Bridal Shower: Elegant cloth napkins, personalized “Mr. & Mrs.” pillow sets, or high-thread count sheets.

Round-the-Clock Shower: Your gift really depends on the hour of the day/night you’ve been assigned. Whatever the time, get creative with your gift idea and keep the bride’s interests and hobbies foremost in your mind when choosing a bridal shower gift. If you do that, it’ll be a gift she’ll treasure happily ever after.

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