Christening / Baptism Gifts for Baby Girls

Baby Girl

Grabbing right back!
Traditional gifts include religious items such as a baby Bible.

It’s that special occasion when a baby girl is christened or baptized in her church. A wonderful time for friends and family to gather and celebrate one of the first religious milestones a child will reach.

Traditional Christening and Baptism Gifts

If you are a close friend or relative—perhaps you are the godmother or godfather to the child—you might consider offering to buy the christening outfit for the baby girl. Many times an outfit is handed down through generations but if this isn’t the case, and you would like to purchase the dress, it can make a wonderful gift. Just be sure to discuss this generous offer with the parents beforehand. Other traditional gifts include religious items such as a baby Bible, rosary or a cross with the child’s name and date of baptism engraved on it.

Unique Gifts for the Baby Girl

Consider a baby memory book for her parents to record special times in or if her parents approve of the baby wearing jewelry, purchase the baby girl her first tiny bracelet or necklace. Photos always make wonderful gifts and there are so many unique ways in which to display them these days. Consider a first-year frame in which special moments from baby’s first year are captured. Or a baby portrait captured on canvas from a photo.

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