Get Well Soon Gifts for Kids

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Grabbing right back!
Fill a cute bucket with boredom busters like puzzles and coloring pages.

Getting sick stinks. It’s hard enough when a grown-up feels lousy, but it’s even worse for sick kids who may not understand why they can’t play outside with their friends. They’re stuck indoors, tired of watching TV, and bored out of their little minds. If you’re looking to cheer up a sick child, we’ve got some fabulous get well soon gift ideas sure to lift their spirits on their way to recovery.

Boredom Busters

Find a cute bucket or basket and fill it with boredom busters like games, puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, books, and action figures. Deliver the basket in person, and spend some time playing with the sick child. They’ll welcome the company and mom will appreciate the break from her nursing duties.

More Get Well Gift Ideas

If a child is confined to bed for a few days, this could be a good time to introduce a new hobby. Get a big pad full of blank pages and a book on drawing, and practice doodling or making cartoons. Or buy a jewelry-making kit and create bracelets or necklaces together. A visit to your local craft store will yield plenty of ideas, like wooden blocks that can be painted into all sorts of things – robots, undersea monsters, aliens – or a jar filled with foam pieces that can be made into animals, boats, castles and more. A cute stuffed animal will make any sick kid smile, and will provide comfort and companionship for them while stuck in bed. All of these get well gifts will get the child’s mind off of their illness and on the road to a speedy recovery.

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