College Graduation Gifts

Stash the gift of cash in a new leather wallet or silver money clip.

Earning a college diploma is a huge accomplishment, one that deserves special recognition. So congratulate a college graduate with a special gift that shows how proud you are of them. Here are some great college graduation gifts that are sure to get you an A+ in the gift-giving department.

Cash Always Makes A Great Gift

Not surprisingly, money – checks, gift cards, cold hard cash – tops the wish list of every college grad. After scrimping and saving and eating Top Ramen for the past few years, a little cash will warm a grad’s heart. A heartfelt note of congratulations and words of encouragement for the future are great accompaniments for a money gift. You can also stash the cash in a brand new leather wallet, designer purse, or silver money clip, all gifts that will come in handy as the grad begins this new chapter in their life.

The Real World

Consider the grad’s future plans when purchasing a gift. Has he already accepted a job offer at a Fortune 500 company? A leather portfolio or briefcase, the latest tablet, or an elegant pair of sterling silver cuff links will make sure he arrives in style. Did she receive a sports scholarship? A roomy bag for her gear, her favorite athletic shoes, or a book about her sports idol may be just the thing to give her an edge on the competition. Is she not ready to face the real world, and is instead heading abroad to backpack through Europe for a year? An interactive guidebook, small digital camera, or a comfortable pair of shoes are good gifts, as are photo frames and albums to commemorate her adventures when she returns.

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