Gifts for Students Going Away to College

Dorm rooms can be a blank slate for creativity.

Going away to college is an exciting time. New friends, new challenges, new successes. Students embarking on this adventure often need a little extra help when it comes to making the move from home to university life. Send the student off in style with a great college care package.

College Basics 101

Help the student maintain some of the amenities of home while in college with basic items like a personal fridge, or small appliances like a toaster, quesadilla maker or sandwich maker. If the college student is living in a dorm, be sure to first check the policy on in-room appliances before purchasing.

Speaking of dorm rooms, they’re not usually known for their style and panache, which makes buying items to liven them up a wonderful gifting opportunity.

Decorating Dorm Rooms

Dormitories can be a blank slate for the college undergrad to show off creativity and personality. Decorative decals, pin boards, fun collegiate pillows and desk lamps in funky colors can liven up even the drabbest of environments. Most likely the student will be sharing a room with a roommate. Help create personal space with individualized items like a monogrammed laundry bag or decorative storage bins for pens, papers and other personal items.

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