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Grabbing right back!
Having a baby requires a whole new set of tools.

There are few moments as exciting as a man finding out he’s about to become a dad—unless, of course, it’s the day he actually becomes one. Help the man in your life celebrate his awesome news with a gift that will make any papa proud.

Baby Showers for Men

It is becoming common for men to also have a baby shower thrown for them to celebrate this milestone. Co-workers and friends gather to toast (and sometimes roast) the new dad. Fun gifts can include survival packages and essential kits (as if he were going off on a dangerous mission) containing items to aid dad with poopy diapers and sleepless nights. Since he’s a first-time dad, get him a book that’s meant to scare and razz him—all in good fun—about the crazy, chaotic but rewarding time he’s about to embark on.

Because having a baby is like entering a foreign new world, requiring a complete set of new-fangled tools, the new dad is going to need practical gifts as well. Video monitors, a high chair, a manly diaper baby and a digital picture frame—to showcase all the different smiles baby has—are great gifts.

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