New Job Gifts

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    Personalized Plastic To Go Cup

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    4 Dipped Cookies & 6 Assorted Cake Pops

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    Deluxe All The Frills Bouquet

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    Classic - 36 Assorted Truffles

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    Deluxe Purple Dendrobium Orchids Bouquet

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    Deluxe Fragrant Stargazer Lilies Bouquet


Grabbing right back!
Liven up the office environment with a silly gift.

Whether it’s a grad’s first position out of college or a graduation to the corner office, recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into achieving a new job.

Practical Yet Fun Gifts

Long days and nights at the workplace are often required when getting a new job. Many times those lengthy hours are fueled with caffeine. How about a coffee cup mug warmer that plugs into a USB port so cold coffee is never an issue again? If the employee is a woman, gift her an elegant tote to carry her laptop or important papers. Is a suit required to be worn each day? Consider an elegant tie clip or cuff links. Top off the stylish look with a man’s messenger bag for documents and presentations.

Gag Gifts

All work and no play makes for a dull day. Liven up the office with a silly gift that the worker can enjoy and share with co-workers. How about a citation notepad to write up employees who eat stinky lunches at their desk? Or a personalized name plate with a tongue-in-cheek job title like “Chairman of the Bored” or “Best Paper Pusher.” Or for the super stressed out person who needs a clone to assist in getting all their work done, perhaps a custom-created bobble head in the person’s likeness. Ultimately, it won’t be helpful with the workload but it will break the ice at the new job by becoming a conversation starter before any meeting.

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