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Office Gifts
Great office and co-worker gift ideas for Birthdays, Christmas and more!

Many workplaces follow the Secret Santa tradition during the holidays, or organize a gift exchange. And then there's workplace celebrations, like Boss' Day or a co-workers birthday. You want your gifts to be appropriate for the office, but you might not know if your choices are the right ones. Our Gift Gurus can guide you from Not Quite Right and Almost Perfect to Christmas Miracle and Workplace Wonder.
How Much to Spend
The hardest part of Christmas shopping is trying to stay within your budget. You don't want to be Scrooge, but you can't just afford something for everybody! Let help you figure out how much to spend with Gifts Under $50 and Gifts Under $25. You'll definitely find something for everybody without going over your limit.
Holiday Gift Budget Guide
Gifts for the office Under $25
Perfect Office Gift Baskets
Corporate Gift Baskets are a great way to include everyone when you want to present a gift to the office, or let a client know you appreciate their business. And don't forget everyone chipping in to wish the boss a Merry Christmas! (Hint: A wine basket is a sure-fire way to ensure everyone's in good spirits.
Food Gift Baskets for Clients
Coffee-Lovers Gifts Baskets
Holiday Gift Exchange
Let's take a meeting. It's time for the Holiday Gift Exchange, and you need the right presents for your coworkers. How do you find just the right holiday office gifts? Our Gift Gurus have researched the matter thoroughly, and they're pleased to report that they've got the best presents for putting under the office tree right here.