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  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan
    He considers the Super Bowl a national holiday. His wardrobe and home décor are dominated by his teams colors and tailgating fare is his ideal meal.
  • Devoted Dad
    Devoted Dad
    Whether he's commandeering the minivan, or coaching the kids, this Dad is never off-duty. When he's not flipping flapjacks for the family, he's practicing his handy man skills around the house. During his downtime, you can find him in his favorite lounge chair or backyard hammock.
  • Geek
    He's the master of gadgets and prefers more RAM to horsepower. When he's not building his own computer, he's caught up in the latest sci-fi series. His ideal Friday night involves MMORPG ("online role-play games" for those not in the know).
  • Creative Thinker
    Creative Thinker
    His lifestyle reflects his creative spirit. Making home movies, micro-managing his Netflix queue, or meticulously organizing his music and photo collections take up his free time on weekends.
  • Guy's Guy
    Guy's Guy
    He's grown up, but in many ways is still a teen at heart. Watching sports, playing video games, and manning the grill all rank high on his weekend "To-Do" list.
  • Do-It-Yourselfer
    He is not afraid to get his hands dirty. This guy happily jumps into every job around the house from changing the cars' oil to building a deck out back. Mr. DIY's favorite accessory is definitely his tool belt.
  • Fitness & Health Nut
    Fitness & Health Nut
    When he's not hitting the gym, he's stocking up on energy bars and organic fruit. His style is casual and sporty, and he enjoys being active indoors and out.
  • Outdoor Adventurer
    Outdoor Adventurer
    He loves waking up in a tent, a hammock, a forest, or mountain top. He can't live without his GPS, passport, and a Swiss army knife. When he's not trekking through the great unknown, he's tuning up his mountain bike.
  • Professional
    From the board room to the club room, he strives to be #1. He works hard and plays hard, but business always comes first. His idea of relaxing involves The Wall Street Journal and an aged whiskey.
  • Intellectual
    When he's not deep in research or buried in a book you'll find him playing online chess and discussing current events with friends or watching the latest PBS mini series.
  • Trendy
    He's got style and he's not afraid to show it. His taste for the finer things in life and impeccable grooming makes him a standout in any crowd. With an eye for design, his home gets the same style treatment as his wardrobe.
  • Hipster
    If he's not at a local Wi-Fi spot working on his latest freelance gig, he's practicing with his indie band or creating his next mash-up DJ set. Vintage stores, art galleries and Indie film fests are where he spends his spare time.
  • Host
    Whether he's manning the grill or playing test kitchen at home, this guy loves to experiment with food. He always finds cause for celebration and you definitely want to be on his invite list.
  • Spiritual Soul
    Spiritual Soul
    This guru-in-training likes to find his Zen with the help of yoga sessions and ambient music. His body is his temple and so is his home where he surrounds himself with inspirational art & spiritual guide books.
  • Activist
    If volunteering were a full-time job, he'd be CEO. He's constantly brainstorming with his buddies on new ways to make the world a better place. He's always the first to sign up for community service at home and around the world.

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