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  • Creative Thinker
    Creative Thinker
    Even in retirement, he manages to make his hobbies a full-time job. When he's not toiling away on his latest project, he's sharing his creations with his family or taking in the local culture.
  • Devoted Granddad
    Devoted Granddad
    He takes pride in spoiling everyone in his family every chance he gets. There is no way he'll ever have enough pictures of the grandkids. He also loves telling great stories as he relishes his role as the family's link to the past.
  • Fitness & Health Nut
    Fitness & Health Nut
    He never skips his daily walk and is probably in better shape than his kids. Always the healthy eater, he puts his boundless energy to use with lots of social activities. This guy is truly an inspiration!
  • Geek
    When he's not keeping up with grandkids on Facebook, he's online video chatting with friends & family. While some are intimidated by tech, this guy has embraced a gadget-driven and socially connected lifestyle.
  • Guy's Guy
    Guy's Guy
    Still young at heart, he does all things guys like to do. Whether it's grilling, playing cards with the fellas or watching the game on TV, his life-long commitment to his leisure time is legendary.
  • Host
    His bar is always full and he frequently invites friends, family and colleagues over for dinner and socializing. He embodies the swank style and gentlemanly ways of the Rat Pack and knows how to make everyone feel like a special guest.
  • Intellectual
    He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge and can solve a crossword puzzle before you read through the first clue. He's happiest watching an historic documentary or having a lively debate about the latest headlines.
  • Metro Man
    Metro Man
    He's always been a sharp dressed man, even in retirement. This man loves to sport the most stylish gear whether on the golf course or out to dinner. He is the definition of dapper.
  • Spiritual Soul
    Spiritual Soul
    This boomer's lifestyle still reflects the mindset of the 1960's. He loves to reminisce with his old LP's playing in the background. This guy creates a sanctuary at home with wind chimes, incense and discussions on spiritual philosophy.
  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan
    His team jerseys may have faded a bit, but his passion for his teams is as strong as ever.╩ Game day for him hasnŇt lost any of its appeal especially now that he can share it with the next generation of die-hard fans.

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