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  • Creative Thinker
    Creative Thinker
    She's the family's resident artist. Every occasion and milestone calls for one of her keepsake creations. When she's not working on her latest art project, she's tuned in to the Martha Stewart show for creative inspiration.
  • Super Grandma
    Super Grandma
    She delights in hearing about the big and small milestones her grandkids achieve. She can never have enough pictures of the family and can always be counted on to whip up a batch of her famous cookies or other "specialty" at just the right moment.
  • Hostess
    She has a lifetime of party planning under her belt and her kitchen plays holiday headquarters for the family each year. When she's not mailing out invitations and thank you cards, she's cataloging her famous recipes.
  • Spiritual Soul
    Spiritual Soul
    She's a hippie at heart and still listens to her old record collection. She's not averse to flowy clothing and likes to take local art classes to stay inspired. She's self aware and always seeking spiritual enlightenment.
  • Intellectual
    "With age comes great wisdom" is her motto. She keeps her mind sharp with brain teasers, puzzles and good books. When she's not busy volunteering at the local library, she's curled up with a cup of tea watching PBS.
  • Trendanista
    She's always scanning the racks at the chicest stores with her girl friends. This fabulous lady adds flair to everything she does from her pedicures to her cafŽ lunches and cocktail hours with the girls.
  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan
    Some may be surprised when she recites stats or recalls the big-games she's been to, but you've always known her to have a huge place in her heart for her favorite teams and players.
  • Fitness & Health Nut
    Fitness & Health Nut
    Often seen walking around the neighborhood with friends or taking a healthy cooking class, staying fit really gets her going. She has more energy than most people half her age and she's always up for trying something new.
  • Geek
    When she's not keeping up with grandkids on Facebook, she's video chatting with friends & family online. While some are intimidated by tech, this lady has embraced a gadget-driven, socially connected lifestyle.

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