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  • Trendanista
    At home she's combing thru the latest fashion magazines and posting up her favorite new looks on her blog. This little fashionista is well on her way to being voted Best Dressed in her class.
  • Creative Thinker
    Creative Thinker
    When she's busy you'll find her altering a vintage dress or practicing her lines for the next school production. She's obsessed with music and writing in her journal. To relax, she hangs with her friends at the coffee shop or park.
  • Geek
    PSP and computer games are at the top of this girl's fun list. She's a big fan of Japanese animation and fantasy fiction. If she's not at home, she's probably at the comic book store or an online gaming tournament.
  • Achiever
    She sits in the front of the class with her hand up at all times. President of her class and on every committee, this Queen Bee is aiming for the Ivy League with every step she takes.
  • X-treme Dudette
    X-treme Dudette
    Landing new tricks on her board or BMX is this rad girl's top priority during free time. When not riding with her friends, she's hanging at the extreme sports shop in town checking out the latest gear. Her no fear attitude will take her far in life.
  • Activist
    This do-gooder girl likes to help out by volunteering and raising awareness on important world issues. As an advocate, she's set on making a difference at home and in her community, one person at a time.
  • All-Star Athlete
    All-Star Athlete
    She sees a sports scholarship in her future and will stop at nothing to get it. Whether raising money for her team or training after school, this go-getter takes her sport seriously.
  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan
    She may have a crush on her favorite all-star, but don't be fooled. She also knows her teams stats inside and out. She'll pass up a trip to the mall if it means she'd miss the second half of the game, any day.

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