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  • Geek
    Xbox and PC gaming are at the top of this guy's fun list. He's also into Japanese animation and fantasy fiction. If he's not at home, he's probably at the comic book store or an online gaming tournament.
  • Creative Thinker
    Creative Thinker
    Tinkering with Photoshop or doodling in his sketch book, this guy can't get enough of art class. He probably dabbles in musical instruments and might be in a band or two. When not at band practice or in the art studio, he's at the coffee shop with friends.
  • All-Star Athlete
    All-Star Athlete
    Another state title is on the top of his to-do list and he knows it isn't far out of reach. When he's not training or fund raising for the team, you'll find him playing sports video games or hanging with his bros.
  • Trend Setter
    Trend Setter
    While bookmarking his favorite street wear blogs, he loves checking out the latest styles of his favorite designers and cool kids around the world. He's a metro man in training and has the confidence to pull it off.
  • X-treme Dude
    X-treme Dude
    Boarding is a way of life for this dude. That is, unless he's on his BMX bike or working on his graffiti tag. If it were up to him, trying out new tricks would always come before homework.
  • Achiever
    Active in student government and Honor Roll on every report card, he is a master of time management. His focused attitude and well-rounded college application will take him straight to the top now, and well into his bright future.
  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan
    He has never been terribly enthusiastic about his math homework but he can recite all his favorite players' stats in his sleep. His room and his gear are dominated by team colors and logos. This guy lives for the game!
  • Activist
    He heads up his school's Habitat for Humanity club and views doing good as a life long pursuit. This guy insists his family sort out their recycling and buy organic at the grocery store.