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  • Super Mom
    Super Mom
    She's a renaissance woman juggling family check-ups, after school activities, and feeding a small army, all without breaking a sweat. She's the heart of the household and keeps the family in check. She's practically a super-hero and makes a mean batch of brownies to boot.
  • Trendanista
    This shopaholic doesn't follow trends, she starts them. Vogue never leaves her bedside and she can accomplish anything in heels. When she's not browsing designer boutiques, she's catching up on the hottest fashion blogs.
  • Creative Thinker
    Creative Thinker
    Whether volunteering at the local museum or making Halloween costumes for the kids, this lady likes to be creative every chance she gets. Her dream trip is a shopping spree at the art supply store.
  • Professional
    She's never without her power suit, pumps, and a blackberry. Mornings consist of breakfast meetings followed by a double-shot of espresso. She considers the Wall Street Journal light reading and only knows coach as a fashion brand not a way to travel.
  • Fitness & Health Nut
    Fitness & Health Nut
    She's less about dieting and more about leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether she's squeezing in an early run or blending her own smoothie, this lady loves being in shape inside and out.
  • Hipster
    She spends her spare time at friends' shows (art, music or otherwise), and cruising vintage boutiques for her next one-of-a kind outfit. When not out and about, she's at home working on her blog or latest freelance project.
  • Hostess
    She wears an apron by day and a cocktail dress by night. She never forgets a birthday and has a knack for seating arrangements. This domestic diva creates a fun and fabulous atmosphere every time she entertains.
  • Intellectual
    This brainy lady reads more books than blogs. Her mornings are spent with a mug of coffee and the crossword puzzle. Her idea of a good time is a historically inspired vacation or discussing the most current global issues.
  • Do-It-Yourselfer
    She tackles any home project with ease from remodeling the bathroom to installing the new chandelier. This lady feels just as comfortable at Home Depot as she does at the mall.
  • Spiritual Soul
    Spiritual Soul
    She likes her home to be her sanctuary and takes that serenity with her wherever she goes. Her dream trips are to go on a week-long yoga retreat, visit an ancient temple or to spend a harvest moon at Stone Henge.
  • Outdoor Adventurer
    Outdoor Adventurer
    This adrenaline junkie will tackle any cliff face, white rapids or woodland trail. She's got more stamps on her passport than shoes in her closet and prefers to sleep under the stars than between sheets.
  • Sports Fan
    Sports Fan
    Make no mistake- game day is just as important to her as it is to him. She proudly wears her team colors and her mood is most likely a reflection of her team's standing.
  • Activist
    She's a role model in her own right. When she's not petitioning for a cause or attending a charity event, she's choosing the most sustainable products for herself and her family.
  • Geek
    She's always first to have the latest gadgets and knows the specs inside and out.  When her friends and family are looking to purchase a new gadget ? she's the one they rely on to point them in the right direction & even set it up.

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