Geek Gifts for Men

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Grabbing right back!
Whatever type of geek you’ve got, embrace his passion.

Geeks come in all bytes and sizes. Is he an early-adopter techy guy? Maybe he’s more the bookish (comic) type. Or perhaps you have a hard-core gamer on your hands. Whatever kind of geek you’ve got, get him a gift that embraces his passion.

Gifts for the Tech Geek

He talks about naming his first born Mac or Siri…yep, this guy has got it bad for tech. If you’re brave enough to buy him an electronic, make sure it’s the manufacturer and model he wants. Most techies have a strong preference for operating systems and models. If that’s too overwhelming, buy him an accessory like a cool sleeve for a tablet, a pair of artfully-designed travel speakers or get him a superhero USB drive and watch two geek worlds collide.

Pop Culture Gifts

Comic books, movies, and science fiction. The pop culture geek is happiest quoting movies, discussing face offs between superheroes and villains and pondering what would happen if zombies really did walk the earth. He’s virtually guaranteed to love anything related to entertainment. Collectable action figures, a DVD set of his favorite show, or a T-shirt featuring his favorite comic book hero will have him uttering WHAM! ZAM! POW!

Love of the Game

Whether he’s playing on his mobile phone or constantly has a controller in his hands, the gaming enthusiast loves games. Does his favorite TV show also exist as a game? Help him experience his love for the characters in a totally different format. Or, introduce him to another genre of game. If he only plays war games would he like something different such as fantasy or sports?

Whatever brand of geek you’re buying for, a gift that supports his passion will be a gift well used.

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