Fitness & Health Nut Gifts for Women


Grabbing right back!
The only box that is on theme is "Olympic-Inspired Fitness Gifts."

She juices, eats the recommended amount of daily fruits and veggies and works out regularly. Health and fitness are two of the most important priorities in her life. Wondering what kind of gift fits in with her healthy lifestyle? We’ve come up with some of our favorites when you’re buying for a health and fitness aficionado.

  1. Go Techy: There are so many cool tech tools to aid the fitness fan in setting her goals and tracking her successes. If she doesn’t already have a sleep and activity tracker this is the perfect gift as it gives her an overall view of what she’s accomplished every day. We also love the smart water bottles that help keep her hydrated while on the go and tell her when she hasn’t met her daily water goal.

  2. Get Zen: Yoga has become mainstream and there are wonderful products for the advanced or beginning yogi. Colorful mats, carryall bags, stylish shoes and clothing make reaching that Namaste state even more fun.

  3. Get Cooking: Healthy eaters love discovering new meals and the market is filled with cookbooks for every type: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free—you name it, there’s a recipe for it.

  4. Be Creative: How about a monthly delivery of fresh fruit right to her doorstep? She’ll love the convenience. If she’s hardcore healthy, she’ll probably want her fruit to be organic, so be sure to check with the company before ordering.
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