Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

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    4 Cake Truffles & Full Dozen Premium Strawberries

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    Sea Salted Caramels & Full Dozen Fancy Chocolate Chip Covered Strawberries

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    4 Caramel Pretzels & Full Half Dozen Sports Berries


Grabbing right back!
Celebrate as a family with movie night.

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with a special delivery from Cupid for the kids in your life. Whether you need a gift for your child, a classmate, teacher or friend, there’s a wide array of Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that they’ll love.

Gifts Beyond Candy

Sweet treats may be customary at Valentine’s Day but if you want to give a gift that doesn’t involve sugar, there’s an assortment of gifts as rich as a box of chocolates. For example, take this day to encourage a love of reading. Find a children’s book that centers on friendship or love and read it together. Or buy a jewelry-making kit and inspire creativity by crafting a custom piece. If you’re a parent, have some of your child’s friends over for “high tea” using the new tea set courtesy of Cupid.

Show Some Heart

Heart necklaces, T-shirts, pajamas, bracelets, earrings…even heart tattoos (temporary!) make charming gifts for kids. Celebrate as a family and let the kids choose which movie to watch—give them a challenge like picking a flick with “heart” or “love” in the title.

Whatever Cupid’s arrow shoots (disclaimer: he only uses safety arrows for kids) any gift given in celebration of love will always be the right one.

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