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Grabbing right back!
Fill a Romantic Coupon Book with unique and thoughtful gestures.

The day comes around once a year. Some dread the date; others can’t wait to celebrate. What holiday is so polarizing? Valentine’s Day! Somehow a day that’s meant to celebrate love can turn into a minefield of missteps. Choose the wrong card (is it too soon to say “I Love You?”) choose the wrong gift (yes, vacuum sweeper, we’re talking about you) and suddenly that romantic Valentine’s Day you had planned turns into a heated discussion on the state of the relationship. Whew. It’s enough to make one wish pne was single. But before you change your Facebook status, here are a few ideas to help you navigate the day by choosing a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift.

1. Be Original—Put time into thinking about what gift would make your significant other happy this Valentine’s Day. A truly unique gift reflects an element of the recipient’s personality. Do they like golf? Buy them a private lesson. Are they a foodie? Take them on a walking food tour.

2. Be Romantic—Just like beauty, romance is in the eye of the beholder. Would your love like a Romantic Coupon Book filled with unique and thoughtful gestures such as “making lunch for the kids”, “taking out the trash” or “shredding the paperwork?” What may sound unromantic to one person might just get someone else lucky.

3. Be Considerate—Chocolates are fantastic as a Valentines gift but not to the person trying to lose weight. A unique gift takes into consideration what’s going on in your significant other’s life and supports it. Are they trying to work out more? Encourage them with an exercise tracker—but beware, if the person hasn’t expressed that they're making exercise a priority, this gift can turn from considerate to “are you trying to tell me I’m fat?!” in a nanosecond. Cupid says: Proceed with caution.

Ultimately, the right recipe for a unique Valentine’s Day gift is originality, romance, consideration and above all else, one that conveys love.

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