Gifts for the Groom

A groom’s gift symbolizes your love and commitment.

Invitations have gone out, dress chosen, flowers ordered and cakes sampled (was there a more fun day than that?) You’re making great headway down the list of “To-Dos” before saying “I Do.” But there’s one thing left to check off: buying that great groom of yours a great gift.

Traditional Groom Gifts

A gift for your groom should be a gift given from your heart and is meant to symbolize your love and commitment. Oftentimes, both the bride and groom buy each other a gift that they can wear on their wedding day. If that tradition appeals to you, consider buying the groom a watch which can be engraved with a message from you and the date of your wedding day. If the groom’s shirt accommodates cuff links, you could buy him a pair with a special insignia or his initials. A beautiful picture frame is always a wonderful choice. He can choose his favorite picture from the wedding day and later display it on his desk.

Non Traditional Gifts

You may also want to consider less traditional groom gifts. Is there a musical group that the two of you love? Perhaps they’re the singers of “your song.” Treat the two of you to tickets to an upcoming concert. Or if the groom is a sports fan, perhaps you can secure tickets to a hard-to-get game that he’d love to attend. The only rules for giving a groom a gift is that it be personal to him, or the two of you as a couple, and that it speaks to the love you share.

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