Gift cards are an awesome choice for gifting because they guarantee your friend or family member will snag something they truly adore. Yet, owing to their diminutive size, coming up with creative gift card wrapping ideas can often pose a bit of a challenge. 


While it’s certainly convenient to present them in an envelope with a card or slip them into a small gift bag, going the extra mile with an imaginative presentation can convey the depth of your care and thoughtfulness. But let’s face it – brainstorming enjoyable methods to wrap a gift card can sometimes become a time-consuming puzzle, especially if you’re not sure where to kick things off. 


Here’s a pro tip: Take your gift card up a notch by pairing it with a small, thoughtful gift, like these nifty last-minute ideas. This not only infuses a thoughtful surprise but also provides ample opportunities for infusing creativity into your gift card wrapping. 


Don’t sweat it, though! We’ve thoughtfully curated a selection of creative techniques to make your gift card wrapping a breeze, allowing you to dive straight into the fun of it! 

Ugly Sweater Gift Card Holder


Whether it’s for Christmas or another celebration, everyone loves an ugly Christmas sweater. Using Kelli Murray’s guide, you can hand paint a sweater and turn it into a fun gift card holder!

This holder is great for any holiday gifts, especially gift cards to your friend’s favorite clothing store. Plus, if you aren’t the artsy type, you can always buy a print of an ugly sweater from your local craft store to use instead.

Paper Envelope Gift Card Holder


Turn a regular envelope you’d use for a card into a beautiful gift card wrapping with patterned paper and stickers. Maggie Holmes Designs shows you how with different flower cutouts and polka dot paper.

You can even cut your own craft paper into an envelope, like she suggests in her tutorial, or decorate a patterned envelope. Then, kill two birds with one stone by including a sweet note to your friend with the gift card!

Reusable Cloth Gift Bag


Give your friend a gift card with a handmade touch by using a cloth gift bag. You can sew it together yourself to make it even more personal. Be sure to check out the complete walkthrough on Craft Snob, where she has all the measurements for sewing the cloth gift bag together.

Once you have your bag, stuff it with treats, tissue paper or other goodies. To keep the gift card tidy, you can place it inside its own box!

Watermelon Gift Card Box


Stickers are a fun way to decorate a gift card box and make it feel more unique. Sarah Hearts shows you how you can easily decorate a box with watermelon stickers for a creative way to wrap a gift card.

Plus, if you’re in a pinch and don’t have a box, you can build your own following Sarah’s guide. Then, once you’ve finished creating the box, wrap a string or bow around it to make it really feel like a gift!

Printable Fruit Gift Bag


Print out these fun fruit gift bags from Make and Tell for quick DIY gift card wrapping. They’re perfect for summer holidays, birthdays or any tropical themed party!

Once you’ve created the gift bag, add the gift card and any other treats you want to give your friend, like a small note or photo. You can even stick with the fruit theme and fill the bag with fruity snacks or candy!

Glitter Dipped Gift Bag


Make your gift card wrapping look festive by adding some glitter! Using Dream a Little Bigger’s tutorial, all you need is a brown paper bag, glue and glitter to get started!

To create this glitter gift bag, simply cover the area you want to decorate in glue and sprinkle it with the glitter of your choice. Once your bag has dried, fill it with shredded craft paper or tissue to stick with the festive theme. Then add the gift card to the bag for super easy DIY wrapping.

No-Sew Fabric Gift Bag


If sewing isn’t your thing, try out these no-sew fabric gift bags from We Are Scout. Pick out a pretty fabric from one of the fabric stores or grab some scrap fabric from your home, then cut it into a square. You can even use pinking scissors for a fun zigzag shape.

Once you’re done, tape the fabric together with double-sided tape to create the shape of a pouch, then put your gift card inside. Then, add embellishments or other fun accent pieces to really personalize it.

Holiday Gift Card Holder


If you’re a crafty person, you’ll want to give this holiday gift card holder a try. It’s made from an acrylic sheet and peel and stick floor tiles, which is great for the handyman or handywoman in your life! Following At Charlotte’s House’s guide you can add fun, festive embellishments like Christmas lights or mistletoe.

This solution makes for a great way to showcase your gift card. Plus, your friend can reuse the holder for other important things, like a bus pass or a membership card.

Gift Card Insert Envelope


These beautiful gift card holders work like mini booklets with the gift card resting in between the “cover.” Have a scoring stylus on hand so your gift card envelope can be cut properly like Everyday Jenny shows in her tutorial.

Feel free to experiment with different papers and prints, especially if you want to wrap your gift card for a holiday celebration. Once you’ve finished you can tie a bow between the two holes as a final touch.

Mason Jar Gift Card Holder With Candy


Adding candy to a gift card immediately makes it feel like a more thoughtful gift, especially when given in a festive mason jar!

Grab two mason jars of different sizes with the same size lids. Fill the smaller jar with candy and place the gift card in the bigger one. Then, glue the two rings together so that they keep the two jars together when screwed like Something Turquoise shows in her tutorial.

Gift-Shaped Gift Card Holder


If you still want to give your friend a gift card in a traditional box but aren’t sure what size to use, try giving them a gift-shaped gift card holder instead. The best part? This holder even opens like a box!

Find a fun scrapbook paper to get started, cutting the rest of the paper out to look like a present. Once you’ve glued everything together and made the sliding compartment you can add the gift card like Scrapbook and Cards Today did.

Lunch Sack Gift Bag


Who knew you could take an old lunch sack and turn it into a cute gift card wrapping idea? These festive, stamped lunch sacks from Pure Sweet Joy are an easy way to use what’s already in your house to wrap your gift card.

You can stamp the lunch sack directly for a rustic look, or decorate the bags with printed paper for a clean feel.

Cassette Tape Gift Card Holder


Put old cassette tape holders to use by giving your next gift card in one. Simply remove the printed sleeve from the original cassette, then start decorating it!

You can use stickers, glitter or fun decorative paper like Mod Podge Rocks does in her guide. Once everything has dried, add glass paint to the edges of the cassette holder to add a final touch and make it look unique.

Paper Bow Gift Card Holder


Wrap your gift card using nothing but paper with this DIY paper bow and gift box tutorial. It looks just like a gift wrapped with wrapping paper, but with a homemade touch.

Unless you are particularly crafty with scissors, you’ll want to use a cutting machine and template to create these gift card holders. Once you’ve cut out your box, add a matching paper bow like Maritza Lisa did to make it look like you’ve really “wrapped” your gift card.

Felt Envelope


Instead of gifting your card in a regular envelope, why not make an envelope using felt? All you need are some sewing supplies and felt to get started!

In Paper & Stitch’s felt envelope tutorial, she personalized the back of the envelope so it looks like an actual letter in the mail. To add on your own mailing address or stamp, simply cut out more felt in the appropriate shape and sew it on for a creative way to wrap a gift card.

Gift Card Wrapped With Another Item


You can also attach a gift card to a smaller gift to make it more exciting like A Beautiful Mess did.

All you need to create cute gift card wrapping is a small bow or some string to decorate the two gifts. To secure the gift card, tape it to whatever small item you are giving so it doesn’t get lost. Then, voila! You have an easy, creative way to wrap your gift card!

Gift Card Wrapped in a DIY Sleeve

Instead of using the sleeve that comes with your gift card, you can make your own using fun patterns and card stock. Though the gift card sleeve may seem hard to make, Kaley Ann of Live Well Travel Often shows how easy it is to assemble the paper together.

First, cut out the paper sleeve. Next, take some thin cardboard or chipboard and glue the sleeve to it so it’s sturdy. Once it’s dried, you can add a fold out card or some other note on the back using leftover paper.

Gift cards make for an easy, guaranteed way to give someone something they are sure to like.  However, to add a nice surprise, consider adding a small gift to go with the gift card, like these quick, last-minute gifts. It not only makes the gift appear more thoughtful but also gives you more ways to be creative with your gift card wrapping!