Backpacks have always gone through their ups and downs.  The trendy messenger bag  overtook it and then the tote, but after years of awkwardly carrying heavy loads on one shoulder, students everywhere are ready to upgrade their level of ergonomic comfort with a stylish backpack this fall.  For any kid heading back to school, an awesome backpack that reflects their interests and personal style is what will define them day after day.


We’ve collected some of the raddest backpacks out there, from our Sparkle and Shine backpacks for girls to the camouflage backpacks for boys.  It’s definitely pricey (unlike many in my list) but it is super comfortable, has pockets for everything & will stay on during their after school stunt video sessions with their buddies.  Check out all of our favorite backpacks for the X-treme Dude and Dudette for more back to school inspiration, and pair them with other back to school gift essentials.