Finding the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one can go from easy to extremely difficult in less than a minute. How do you know which gift is best for your friend, family member, and significant other? Whether you need a gift for an artist, adventurer, lover of pop culture, or just someone who loves to entertain we’ve curated gifts just for them.

Simply pick the recipient, choose their personality type, and the gift generator will give you a variety of gift ideas for them at various price points.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas by

135 of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Hand Warmers

Whether on a camp out or just a stroll around town, hand warmers are the perfect gift for those who like to venture. They come in a variety of colors and are great for any age.

SPF Lip Balm

One can never protect their lips enough. During hot weather, cold weather and anytime of the year, this will always come in handy.

Reusable Coffee Filter

Not only are these great for the environment, but they are cost effective and reusable. Perfect for a trip out in the woods.

Lightweight First Aid Kit

This is great for anyone with kids, an office setting or an outdoor trip. They now come in small cases with things such as sterile bandaids, towelettes, antibiotic ointment and other needs.

Functional Backpack

For the person on the go. Weatherproof, multiple storage compartments and gadget friendly pouches are a must.

Cigar Flask

We all know a cigar aficionado. This cigar flask will let them enjoy their indulgence anywhere they go!

Travel Book

For the daydreamer, give them a book that will inspire their next getaway.


Life is an adventure. Capture every moment of it with a GoPro - if they are extra adventurous, consider a drone.


What's better than watching the stars under a warm tent? Surprise your loved one with one -- and throw in a road trip!

GPS Watch

These are great for runners, hikers and or someone trying to get in better shape. Great for any age and looks cool too!


For someone who loves the trails. Consider a headlamp with best battery life.

Camera Strap

Whether a functional, decorative or wrist strap, the photographer in your life will appreciate this thoughtful gift and remember you each time they take their camera out for a ride.

Bluetooth Headphones

Keep them connected and safe with handsfree blutetooth headphones -- perfect for conversations in the car.

Multifunctional Phone Case

A phone case that holds your credit cards, cash and even your keys is perfect for the minimalist in your life.

Pour Over Coffee Kit

Getting the perfect coffee is a craft, and for the coffee lover this is a must.

Tech Organizer

Let's face it, in a world of tech gadgets we need help keeping all our cords organized. This tech organizer is great when you have to grab and go.

Fun Socks

Toasty nights call for toasty feet. Impress your lovelies with colorful, warm, fuzzy socks.

Birthstone Jewelry

This artisan customized birthstone necklace allows her to always carry her loved ones with her.

Christmas Music Album

Set the party mood with some catchy Christmas tunes. Keep it classical, pop or rock and roll. A little dancing never hurt anyone.

Perfume Candle Set

Candles are the perfect setting for a quiet night in, a party decoration and even a romantic dinner.

Comfy Slippers

Anyone would enjoy a pair of cozy comfy slippers. Get kids their favorite cartoon character.

Makeup Subscription

It can be Christmas all year round for the beauty maven. A yearly supply allows her to sample different brands and trends.

Photoraphy Book

You don't have to be a photographer to enjoy a book with beautiful pictures. There are a variety of topics to choose from ranging from landscapes, fashion, sports and pop culture.

Wireless Headphones

Help someone bounce to the beat of their music with wireless headphones. Wires can get in the way especially if they are running around the city.

Essential Oils Set

Oils help with ailments and relaxation. Give someone a "lift me up" with a kit -- one for every mood.

Leather Agenda

For someone a little more traditional, a leather, durable agenda will keep them organized without having to rely on their phone.

Laptop Case

For the person who has everything, a stylish laptop case can come in handy. Even if they already own one, it's always good to mix and match.


Wool, cashmere and silk scarves can dress up any wardrobe -- and not to mention, keep them warm.

Sewing Kit

This is perfect for someone who is just learning or want to improve their sewing skills. Throw in some classes and make this gift extra special.

Decorative Pillow

The perfect accent to any room and also a great gift for a loved one who is away. Personalize the pillow for that extra fuzzy feeling.


For the summer, for skiing, or just for looks, sunglasses are always a great statement piece.

Statement Necklace

Nothing is too over the top for the trendsetter. Give her a necklace she can wear with all of her amazing outfits.

Selfie Stick

The selfie stick craze is not over. There are now more advanced, faster, and more compact versions available.

Fun Keychain

Since keys are used daily, this key ring is sure to be put to great use. Make it a bit more personal by adding a special date.

Coffee Mug Set

Coffee and tea are always a treat. Make sure they drink in style by hand picking their perfect mug!

Coffee Subscription

This will be the perfect gift for someone who has "tried them all". You can choose from weekly, monthly or even custom order.

Fancy Pencil Set

Fancy pencils are perfect for those who like to sketch, jot things down, or write notes on documents.

Artisan Serving Board

If they love to host parties, then they will enjoy this versatile serving board. Fill it up with cheese and crackers for the perfect party snack.

Icon T Shirt

If they have a favorite movie, show or musician, have them show it proudly. Personalize a T Shirt with a famous quote, lyric or movie title.

TV Show Coaster Set

Coasters would be the perfect gift for someone who enjoys having a drink while watching TV. Add a famous TV line or a picture of their favorite character and make them smile.

TV Character Figurine

For their desk or their game room, this will add a fun flair and certainly a great conversational piece. Perfect for someone who loves to collect memorabilia.

Movie Poster

If you watched a special movie together or know that they have a favorite film, wrap up a cool movie poster for their home or office.

Playing Cards

For anyone who loves a good game night. This game time playing card set is made of wood and carries chips, playing cards and dice.

Comic Book

If your loved one likes to collect comic memorabilia, find them the comic book they are missing. This gift will be priceless.

Movie Soundtrack

"The hills are alive with the sound of music". Place this in their stocking and watch them start singing as soon as they unwrap.

Celeb Biography

Facts about other peoples lives are always interesting. Pick out their favorite celeb, they won't be able to put the book down.

DVD Boxed Collection

Do they have a favorite trilogy or series? Throw in a comfy blanket because they will be sitting on that couch for hours.

Vinyl Record

Keep it old school. Remastered versions of old tunes are now available on vynil and they sound amazing.

Sketch Pad

For the artist on the go. Throw in some pencils or erasers for the perfect gift!

Wine Bottle Travel Cooler

Picnics never felt so good with this wine bottle traveler. Throw in a cool bottle opener!

Charm Bracelet

If they have kids, best friends or favorite stones a charm bracelet will be greatly admired.

Pet Portrait

We all love our pets -- some obsess a little more than others. A pet portrait is amazing for those who love to display affection towards their best furry friend.

Decade Relic

Do they love James Dean? Collect letterman jackets? Born in the 80's? Get them a gift from their era. It will remind them of awesome childhood memories.

Wall Vinyl Decal

A new twist to wall art, wall decals create a great atmosphere. They come in easy to to place patterns. A cool tree, geometric patterns or even their favorite celeb or cartoon character would be a blast.

Personalized Phonecase

Add a picture, a date or some fancy jewels to your loved one's phone.

Cosmetics Bag

Help keep their pencils, lipsticks, mascaras and hair accessories organized with a pretty cosmetic bag. Throw in a fun new lip color!

Action Figure

Whether to play with or collect, we guarantee this will get a thumbs up.

Cooking Apron

If they like to cook or grill outside grease can always get in the way. Personalize the apron with their name or even their favorite dish!

Gardening Apron

For the garden butterfly, this handy apron keeps all her tools in place.

Plant Stand

If they love to display plants around the house, give them a stand for various sizes. Metalics are a great accents to greens.

Watering Can

Help them keep their plants healthy! A durable watering can goes a long way.


For the little entertainer, a puppet show is a must! If you can't decide on one, why not get them finger puppets?

Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are durable and safe for little hands. Choose a variety of colors and prints.

Pogo Stick

We all had fun with these as kids, show the little ones in your life how much fun they can be!

Photo Puzzle

This puzzle is perfect for a couple who is long distance or for little learners. Choose your favorite photo and voilà!


Dollhouses are now so detailed and beautiful, it is simply a must that they experience one. Throw in additional accessories and help them build their perfect little home.

Sleeping Bag

If your little adventurer likes to camp outdoors or simply to grandma's house this will keep them warm and snug. Choose their favorite color and add their name.

Art Easel

Your little artist will get great use out of this traveling art easel. Easy to carry around and perfect for keeping them entertained.

Night Light Projector

They may still be scared of the dark. Choose one that reflects stars or fun shapes for a magical night.

Mermaid Blanket

Take your little mermaid under the sea with this comfy blanket. Available in two colors.

Play Tea Set

Even little ones love tea time. Help her create the perfect tea party with a cute and colorful tea set.

Story Cards

Mix up story time with story flash cards. They are easier to carry than books and little hands can play with them without ripping pages.

Superhero Mask

Every child dreams of a being a superhero. Make their wish come true with a cool mask. Throw in a cape for extra fun.

Travel Bingo

For road trips, parties or even breaks in between work, traveling bingo will keep them entertained.

Mini Race Cars

Kids love cars and colors. Give them a set and watch them zoom away for hours.

Stamp Kit

As kids are learing to craft and draw, stamping can add a fun element to their beautiful art.

Cooking Knife Set

They don't need to be an expert cooks to own a beautiful knife set. They come in different price ranges and finishes.


Everyone remembers their first bike. Customize one for your loved one and join them for a ride.

Gourmet Tea

White, green abd black teas are amongst the most popular. Give them a variety and throw in a pretty tea kettle.

Artisan Soap

Choose from a variety of frangances, oils and natural ingredients all mixed into one beautiful piece of soap.

Coloring Book

Young, old, artist or not, everyone enjoys a good coloring book. It stimulates the mind but gives a calming feeling as well. Coloring pencils are a great add on.

Spa Kit

For a little rest and relaxation, treat your loved one to some pampering. A nail kit, foot spa or a gift certificate to a massage will surely make them smile.

Pretty Pen

It's always good to have a pen handy, why not make it a pretty one? Choose their favorite color or engrave a sweet message on it.

Cookie Cutters

Give a variety of shapes and sizes to the bakers in your life, or send them a baking set. Great for holiday treats or every day indulgences.

Temporary Tattoos

For kids, choose cool characters. They are even fun for adults! There are now metallics and pretty little quotes for someone who wants to make a statement without the major commitment.

Shot Glasses

One shot, two shots, three shots -- really doesn't matter when these shot glasses are so styling.

Hand Lotion

Stuff their stocking with a moisturizing lotion that they can carry along with them.

Hair Accessories

Hair pins, brush, sea spray, pretty accents and trendy hair ties will keep the girl on the go picture perfect.

Razor Set

There are also monthly shave kit subscriptions to choose from.

Wool Blanket

Keep them warm and cozy with this gift. Pretty patterns are great for any age.

Cocktail Kit

Grab some copper mugs and mule mix for your cocktail crafter, or get them a complete bar tool set.

Beard Oil

Every beard deserves some love. Keep your manly man moisturized.

Multitool Kit

This is for the person who likes to be handy and fix things around the home. Give them a cool, sleek and stylish multitool kit.

Butcher Block

Because meats require a larger, more durable surface than a regular cutting board, this is great for grilling mavens.

Whiskey Ice Maker Set

This is a gift anyone would love. Available in large ice sets, smaller squares and even round shapes.

Wireless Speaker

Let them blast their music wherever they please - in the park, gym or at a party.

Bottle Opener

A wallet bottle opener is a great gift for the beer lover in your life.

Photo Book

Include their favorite memories, people and locations that will warm their heart.

Personalized Quilt

Perfect for parents, grandparents and kids who want to have a special reminder of their loved ones while they bundle up with a cozy blanket.

Art Box

Every artist needs their tools handy for whenever they feel inspired.

Wine and beer tasting

Perfect for those who are difficult to shop for. A great tasting adventure awaits!

Hot Air Balloon

Making memories in the sky is always a good idea. Surprise your honey or your loved ones with a hot air balloon ride they will never forget.

Coordinates Cuff Bracelet

Wanna remember the location of where he proposed? Then this coordinate cuff is perfect!

Gourmet Dinner

Impress someone with a romantic dinner made by you or a chef. Better than beating the crowds at a trendy restaurant.

Art Print

Do they have a favorite artist or a special quote? Frame an art print and wrap it up with a huge bow!

Weekend Getaway

Tell them to pack their bags and get ready for some fun. Make sure to take your camera for all those beautiful memories.

Monthly Parking Spot

If city parking is crazy and expensive, make their daily routine a little less stressful.

Concert Tickets

Surprise them with a fun night out listening to their favorite songs!

A Signed Book

The book will already make them smile, but the reaction of it signed by their favorite author or comedian will make it a little sweeter.

Music Festival

Tell them to grab your bags and your hair crowns because they will be spending the weekend listening to their favorite bands.

Videogame System

Not just for kids. But beware, you may start seeing less of them.

Adopted Puppy

Go to your local shelter and give the gift of love to two: the puppy and your loved one!

Airplane Tickets

Anxiously waiting for someone to come this holiday? Make their trip a little less stressful.

Mobile Printer

Waiting to get home to print your pictures may be too long. Portable printers are available and are as cool and compact as ever.


Want to make your foodie loved one happy? Give them recipes they can try every day of the year.

Instant Ice Cream Maker

For hot summer days, ice cream is the answer. There are instant ones out there than can have your treat ready in less than an hour!

Insulated Water Bottle

Plastic can have nasty effects on your health. Treat them to a healthier (and more stylish) way to get their H2o

Weekend Travel Bag

The jet setter will always need a cool bag to hold their belongings in.

Touchscreen Tablet

Help them enjoy their favorite book, movie, and be up to date with business email.

Beer Growler

If they love beer (and live close to breweries), a growler is a must!

Fishing Pail

Get the little ones excited to go fishing with these personalized fishing pails. They also double as seats!

Golf Balls

Personalize your golf lover's golf balls so they'll never get lost again.

Grilling Spatula

Your king of the grill will love a personalized spatula that shows that he's boss when it comes to BBQing.

Popcorn Buckets

This popcorn bucket set is perfect for the movie lovers in your life. You can even personalize the buckets with names.


Encourage your little music lover with a caterpillar xylophone that is sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Weaving Loom

This weaving loom is sure to get your little artist excited! It comes with three picture tapestry patterns for inspiration.

Bath Caddy

Pamper them with this bath caddy. Don't forget to add bubble bath and wine!

Watch Box

For the watch enthusiast in your life -- this watch box holds up to eight.

Record Player

Your music lover will adore this record player. It even converts records into MP3s.

Whiskey Decanter Set

Make your whiskey enthusiast feel like they're in a scene from Mad Men with this whiskey decanter set.

Tie Case

Know someone that's constantly traveling for business? This tie case will keep their ties in pristine condition.

Leather Tote

This carry-all leather tote is practical and stylish. It even has a small zippered pocket so essentials don't get lost.

Weekender Bag

Give the jetsetter in your life an excuse to take another weekend trip with this fun weekender bag.

Make Up Brush Set

This makeup brush set is great for teens just starting to wear makeup or frequent travelers!

Cozy Pajamas

To keep them warm on winter nights, find a fun pajama set or onesie that will suit your loved one.

Now that you’ve selected all your gifts, keep in mind that having a list handy while braving the mall or online shopping is a plus. If you are still unsure what to select, head over to our personality quiz to gather more ideas. It’s never easy to pick a gift for someone who seems to have everything, but we guarantee that putting the most thought into it and choosing carefully will go a long way. Still looking for more Christmas gift ideas? These custom stocking stuffer ideas and baby Christmas ornaments from are another great place to look!