Big little week is an exciting time for everyone in their sorority. At this time, bigs—sophomore sorority girls—send treats and other surprises to their littles—freshman and other new initiatives—to welcome them to their new sorority. The week ends with a bang when the bigs reveal to their littles who they are with a huge basket full of goodies.

But finding gifts for your little can be tricky, especially if there are some things you don’t know about her. You want to make the week fun for your new little and make sure she gets a basket full of her favorite things to welcome her into your sorority.

Of course, you don’t have to just get gifts for your little to prepare for the big little reveal. It’s always nice to find gifts for her all year round! That’s why these big little gift ideas will make filling your basket a breeze, but also give you sorority little ideas for any other occasion.

Gifts for Littles

Coffee tumbler

Coffee is absolutely essential in college—it’s how your little is going to spend late nights studying and power through her first exams. Give her a personalized coffee tumbler with your sorority letters on it so she has something cute to tote with her to class.

Decorated Greek letters

Your little is so excited to be in your sorority. Give her something to showcase by gifting her decorated Greek letters for her dorm room. You can make the letters yourself if you have the time or order ones you think would be cute.

Matching necklaces

A necklace is a subtle but timeless gift that your little can wear everyday, and when you two get matching ones you’ll always be reminded of one another! You can get necklaces that say “big” and “little” or ones that look similar with your own initials.


Sandals make for a cute and practical gift for your little, perfect for mixers on the lake or summer days by the pool before class starts. You can even get sandals with her initials monogrammed onto them so you won’t get each other’s mixed up. Just be sure to get her shoe size from a friend before you order them!


Koozies tend to be unsightly, so give your little a sorority-themed one in a fun color. It’ll be perfect for mixers and other casual events, while still giving her a way to represent her sorority.


Juggling college with all the different organizations your little is in can be difficult. Make it fun for her with a cute planner that she is excited to fill out. Opt for something that is both girly and practical, so she can stay organized and prepared while still having fun.


In addition to planners, your little will want a journal either for school or for jotting down her thoughts. You can get one to match her planner or opt for one with her initials if you feel she’ll use it for personal writing.

Body wash and lotion

Pack your favorite body wash and lotion into your little’s gift basket so she can give herself some much-needed self-care when exams get tough. Plus, it’ll be great for prepping for formals and other fun events.

Picture frame

You and your little will have tons of photos together over the years, so give her something to frame the memories in with a decorated picture frame. Add your Greek letters to the frame and any other sorority symbols you’d like. If you don’t have a picture together yet, you can illustrate a cute sign that says “for a future photo of us” inside where the picture belongs.

Phone case

Your little will have her phone with her wherever she goes—why not give her a chance to represent her sorority with a fun phone case? If you can’t find one with your Greek letters, give her one with similar colors to your sorority or a print you know she’ll like.

Makeup pouch

Give your little a makeup pouch with a fun saying on it or some other cute decorations. She can keep it in her backpack for quick touchups or bring it over to your place as you prep for a fun event. You can even stuff the pouch with makeup or other goodies so she doesn’t have to shop for them later.

Makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are a practical gift that every girl needs. Whether it’s after a long day of presentations for class or a night on the town, your little is sure to get plenty of use out of some extra makeup wipes.

Nail polish

Get a few bottles of nail polish for your little so she can represent your sorority in a subtle way or pick out some of your favorite colors so you can two can match. For an added bonus, you include a nail file or a coupon for a DIY spa day together!


Blankets are great for when it gets cold during football season or for snuggling up during a girls’ movie night. You can handmake your little a no-sew one or order her one with your sorority colors. She’ll be sure to use it for years to come!

T-shirts and sweatshirts

As a new member of your sorority, your little will be eager to start sporting your Greek letters. Give her a head start with some of your old t-shirts or a cozy sweater, so she can represent her sorority from day one!

Stuffed animal

A stuffed animal might seem like an unlikely gift your little, but everyone loves a teddy bear to cuddle with after a long day of exams. You can give her one with Greek letters on it or just put a sweater over the stuffed animal with the letters on it.

Hand mirror

With all the events you and your little will be prepping for together, a hand mirror is a great gift for quick touch-ups during formals and other events. You can put her name on the hand mirror or a meaningful phrase to remind her of you.


Instead of opting for the traditional sorority big little basket, give your little her goodies in a tote with her initials or sorority letters monogrammed onto the bag. She’ll use it for years to come—unlike a basket—and be able to use it for all of your get togethers.

Filling your big little basket is a fun and exciting activity. But the gift giving doesn’t have to stop after the big little reveal! When your little aces a test, consider sending her a surprise to congratulate her for her hard work. Not only will she be delighted, but she may even send you something back!


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