Holiday season is in full swing, which means Christmas music is playing, decorations are up and the malls are packed. Though we have participated in these holiday activities for as long as we can remember, how many of us actually enjoy these activities and how many feel obligated?

To find out, we surveyed 2000 people and asked them how much they enjoy Christmas music, shopping, tree decorating and receiving gifts.

Which Christmas activities do people dislike?

Surprisingly, at least a third of respondents exhibited “Grinch-like” qualities when it came to the holidays. People’s least favorite holiday activity was shopping, which the majority of respondents admitted to disliking.


Which gender has the least Christmas cheer?

Overall, men disliked Christmas activities more than women, especially when it came to shopping. Women were, on average, 10% more enthusiastic about every Christmas activity except receiving gifts.


Which age group has the least Christmas cheer?

For the most part, younger groups enjoyed holiday activities more than 55+ groups. When it came to decorating the Christmas tree, 18-25 year olds were most enthusiastic, and enthusiasm declined with age.


Likewise, older generations disliked receiving gifts the most. 18-34 year olds were most excited about receiving gifts, whereas the other groups were only moderately excited.


When it came to holiday shopping, 18-24 year olds enjoyed shopping the most and 55-64 year olds enjoyed it the least. Surprisingly, 65+ year olds enjoyed holiday shopping more than 35-54 year olds.


However, when it came to Christmas music, younger groups disliked it the most, while a vast majority of seniors enjoyed Christmas music.


Which region has the least Christmas cheer?

The West and Northeast lacked holiday spirit for different reasons. The West was least enthusiastic about Christmas music, tree decorating, and receiving gifts compared to other regions. However, the Northeast reportedly hated shopping, but enjoyed receiving gifts the most, making them the biggest Scrooges. Conversely, the South had the most Christmas spirit. They enjoyed Christmas music and decorating the Christmas tree the most, and disliked holiday shopping the least.


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